2014 Artists

  • Steve Cunningham ~ Ceramics

    Since 1980, Steve and Miky Cunningham have been working together creating unique pieces of artwork that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

  • Robert Hughes ~ Ceramics

    The River Rat Pottery is a traditional pottery operated by Bob Hughes near rural Conestoga, Pennsylvania.

  • Randy O’Brien ~ Ceramics

  • Mike Haley ~ Ceramics

    Susy and I met in a glaze chemistry class in college more than a quarter of a century ago, and have been involved together in clay ever since.

  • Miya Endo ~ Ceramics

    Delightful works of art designed for specific edibles for everyday use – this Japanese approach to dinnerware, and the food it serves, is what inspired me to make my own.

  • Maggie Beyeler ~ Ceramics

    Magpie Pottery operates with 3 Skutt kilns and the same number of dogs. All work is constructed from a beautiful, smooth white-clay body (half porcelain and half stoneware), then electric fired to a mid-range stoneware temperature of cone 6.

  • Leah Simmons Decapio ~ Ceramics

    Our one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic art is handmade by Leah & Scott DeCapio.

  • John Minkler ~ Ceramics

  • Jason Trebs ~ Ceramics

    I have been making pottery full time since 2004. Prior to that I completed two years of work and study with potter Robert Briscoe in Harris, MN.

  • James Guggina ~ Ceramics

    There’s something about the tactile quality of clay, the magic of throwing a pot on the wheel and the enduring functionality of the finished piece

  • Gail Heilmann ~ Ceramics

  • Don McWhorter ~ Ceramics

    My most recent works are wheelthrown and altered stoneware pieces inspired by ancient and traditional architectural forms.

  • Deb LeAir ~ Ceramics

    Deb has been creating art in some form or another since she took her first ceramics course in high school in the 1970’s.

  • Cheryl Glenn ~ Ceramics

    Most of my pottery is functional and intended to be used. I also enjoy creating one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces.

  • Bruce Johnson ~ Ceramics

    “Copper Flash” Raku is created by applying a “copper matt” glaze to the bisque-fired clay. Each glazed piece is returned to the kiln until the proper temperature is reached.

  • Brenda McMahon ~ Ceramics

    Brenda McMahon is a nationally renowned ceramic artist who creates fine, burnished saggar fired vessels by hand on the potter’s wheel and hand sculpts and carves her ceramic wall art tiles.

  • Tom Bloyd ~ Glass

    This journey would take my work through galleries and collections around the world.

  • Paul Counts ~ Glass

    His teapots have become one of his signature designs

  • Karen and Dana Robbins ~ Glass

    Our main goal at the Robbins Ranch is to create functional and decorative art glass.

  • Dan and Joi LaChaussee ~ Glass

    Working from their studio on Whidbey Island, WA, the highly skilled LaChausseé glass blowing team have enjoyed over two decades of success and growth as artists, as a family, and as business partners.

  • Chris McCarthy ~ Glass

    Chris’ work is a complex mix of both the hot and cold side of the glass medium.

  • Celeste North ~ Glass

    Today, much of my handcrafted work bears the distinction of highly polished beveled glass with a combination of hand blown glass and other materials meshed together to create beautiful works of art.

  • Vickie Deane ~ Jewelry

    All work is hand fabricated and one-of a-kind.

  • Toni Tischer ~ Jewelry

    My Jewelry, is Botanical in Nature Inspired both by the glory of our Natural World and the World of Fantasy. Each piece meticulously designed, handmade and then hand polished.

  • Suzette Nesbitt ~ Jewelry

    “Constant exploration in techniques has resulted in work that is always changing and fresh with the signature ‘light-hearted’ approach that is synonymous with my life.”

  • Susie Aoki ~ Jewelry

    Most of my work is sterling silver, though I occasionally incorporate other metals to add color. I cut and shape these metals by hand in order to give my designs a natural, freeform look.

  • Sally Bass ~ Jewelry

    Every piece is a one of a kind creation, with its own feel and story.

  • Pam Fox ~ Jewelry

    The Pam Fox Jewelry studio is tucked away in the lush subtropical forests of rural Sarasota, Florida. Her designs reflect the textures and shapes of the diverse surrounding plant life.

  • Pam Caidin ~ Jewelry

    My work is always evolving. What does stay constant are two things. One is my desire for simplified, elemental, almost primordial form; leaves, pebbles, diatoms, planets.

  • Nina Morrow ~ Jewelry

    The driftwood, with all its intrinsic qualities, both challenges and stimulates my creativity.

  • Micheline Brierre ~ Jewelry

    I work in two mediums: jewelry and watermedia. Both speak of my inner reality, my dreams, my symbols and my love of this beautiful planet where we all live.

  • Mary Frericks ~ Jewelry

    Topanga, CA

  • Kristi Hyde ~ Jewelry

    Growing up in North Alabama, I spent much of my childhood playing outside, running around in the hardwoods, making believe of all sorts of fantastic things.

  • Kay Cummins ~ Jewelry

    I am a happy, fun person. Probably as colorful as the jewelry that I create! I love making things that make people smile.

  • Jonathon Stopper ~ Jewelry

    I am a Geological engineer whose love affair with fine gemstones caused a major course change to becoming a fine jeweler.

  • Harry Roa ~ Jewelry

    All his designs are hand crafted using a combination lost wax process and fabrication. Each piece of wearable art is embellished with quality precious gemstones and diamonds.

  • Gene Millard ~ Jewelry

  • Eric Candee ~ Jewelry

    Peaceful, architectural and minimal are words often used to describe my work.

  • Ann Marie Cianciolo ~ Jewelry

    Upon close examination, everyday life can be extraordinary. It’s the hidden humor, duality, and mischief in daily life that inspire my sculptural one of a kind jewelry, infusing it with surprise.

  • Alexandra Forsythe ~ Jewelry

    Fine Handcrafted Jewelry fresh from the mountains of Colorado. These unique and innovative designs are exquisitely made from sterling and pure silver, fine gemstones, 22k and 18k gold.

  • Alex Horst ~ Jewelry

    Simple geometry and clean lines are the cornerstone to Alex Horst’s gemstone carvings and jewelry creations because they allow the elegance and beauty of nature to speak for itself.

  • Wynn Udall ~ Drawing & Graphic

    Printmaking is such an incredible medium in that you can leave the same general impression, albeit with different inks, papers, positioning, pressure, combination etc, and come up with radically different images.

  • Sherrie York ~ Drawing & Graphic

    Colorado artist Sherrie York credits her interest in nature to a college field trip in which she and her classmates were challenged to sketch strutting, squabbling chickens in a Nebraska backyard.

  • Nancy Wylie ~ Drawing & Graphic

    Nancy Wylie is a sixth generation native of Arvada, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. She is a realist painter working in watercolor, pastels and oils

  • Kristy Patterson ~ Drawing & Graphic

    The Flying Shoes Art Studio is owned and managed by Oklahoma, regional artist, Kristy Patterson. “My feet don’t touch the ground when I am creating,”

  • Jennifer Cavan ~ Drawing & Graphic

    For the last dozen years, I’ve created whimsical oil pastel drawings of the landscape. In addition to being represented by several select galleries, I have participated in numerous juried art shows throughout the country.

  • Jeffrey Cannon ~ Drawing & Graphic

    What makes certain places special ? Why do we feel good in Nature ? How does Light define a sense of place ? These questions invite the willing participant to explore how the power of Nature continues to enchant, excite, inspire, calm, heal, inform and transform us all.

  • Greg Barnes ~ Drawing & Graphic

    Greg Barnes accepts commissions for portraits of children, adults, pets, a favorite vacation spot, your beach or mountain house…you name it!

  • Erica Collins ~ Drawing & Graphic

    In selling my first watercolor at nineteen at the Mendocino Art Center where I began studying art, I was hooked, and I’ve worked as an artist ever

  • Cary Henrie ~ Drawing & Graphic

    Cary Henrie layers his canvas with additive and subtractive methods: Sanding, varnishing, molding, cracking and removing layers of acrylic paint and plaster.

  • Carol Sobieniak ~ Fiber

    Combining the eye of a painter and the hands of an experienced textile artist Carol Sobieniak blends the art of traditional rug making with contemporary style.

  • Mimi Damrauer ~ Fiber

    Marian (Mimi) Damrauer is an award winning Chicago-based fiber artist. Her textile collages were first influenced by traditional Amish quilts and have evolved into contemporary, graphic fine art pieces for wall decor.

  • Daryl Thetford ~ Digital Art

    Artist Daryl Thetford is currently featured in a solo show at the Art Museum at the University of Memphis’s Caseworks Gallery.

  • John Charbonneau ~ Digital Art

    I didn’t think about being an artist as a child, but when a college roommate set-up a darkroom in a house we were renting, I discovered the magic of photography

  • Nicole and Harry Hansen ~ Metal

    For us our work is our way of life.

  • Hayley Nolte ~ Metal

    Trash transformation propels the work. Post consumer metal containers are flattened, hand cut, layered and hammered to a wooden base.

  • Elaine Ware ~ Metal

    I am a self taught artist who spent many years traveling around the United States and abroad. I began as a stained glass artist and stepped into metalsmithing when given a sheet of copper to play with.

  • Damian Velasquez ~ Metal

    Damian Velasquez builds modern furniture from his studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All furniture designs are original and hancrafted.

  • Carl Dede ~ Metal

    From a small western workshop I fashion recycled high-carbon tool steel into utilitarian art.

  • Brett Cleveland ~ Metal

    Brett Cleveland is a welder and designer working in multimedia metal sculpture in Bellingham, Washington.

  • Steve Appel ~ Metal

    Steve Appel, a matter-of-fact kind of man, is happily turning the nuts and bolts of his former profession into a successful career.

  • Timothy White ~ Mixed Media

    Timothy White is a mixed media artist with a background in fine furniture making. His current work takes the form of furniture, sculpture and wall art made with various combinations of wood, concrete, metals, found objects, photographs and acrylics.

  • Tyler Voorhees ~ Mixed Media

    The characters in my paintings spin a visual yarn, begging for an ear to lend to hear their story.

  • Tres Taylor ~ Mixed Media

    There is music all around us and if we let it come through, then we do amazing things. We sing, we paint, we tell our stories.

  • Teresa Merriman ~ Mixed Media

    Drawing from personal experience and having been inspired by so many, I like to “pay it forward”, if you will, and therefore I find myself having a delicate role.

  • Tamara Ruiz ~ Mixed Media

    My name is Tamara Ruiz, and I’m an artist living in Blair, Nebraska. Over the years I’ve worked in ceramics, metalsmithing and my current medium, painting.

  • Ron and Liv Colbert ~ Mixed Media

    A single piece of artwork created by combining Liv’s Photography with Ron’s Paintings.

  • Robert Matthews ~ Mixed Media

    Hidden Spring Designs is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife team Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan.

  • Phil Smith ~ Mixed Media

    Each mixed-media photo collage is based on original, un-retouched photographic images of objects seen every day… windows, doors or buildings.

  • Paula Best ~ Mixed Media

  • Nicario Jimenez ~ Mixed Media

    Retablos are sophisticated folk art in the form of portable boxes filled with brightly
    colored figurines arranged into intricate narrative scenes.

  • Mindy Rhoads ~ Mixed Media

    After being functional potters for over 30 years we have evolved into making handmade tiles, and putting them into mosaic wall pieces.

  • Merry Cox ~ Mixed Media

    At first when I considered collaborating with other peoples’ used up and thrown out traces, I was overwhelmed with all the junk, all the stuff discarded.

  • Marvin Jack ~ Mixed Media

    We scroll-cut our (single to 13-layers deep) puzzles from a hardwood laminate and create depth in our

  • Marilyn Endres ~ Mixed Media

    Eucled and Marilyn have been working with wood for over 26 years. Eucled began while living in Africa, where his father was a missionary.

  • Liz Collins ~ Mixed Media

    Collins began by doing serigraphs (silkscreen prints), quickly moving into oil pastels, then onto mixed media, always retaining a certain whimsy to her work. Evident in every medium is her familiar infusion of life and movement in all things.

  • Jack Richardson ~ Mixed Media

    It has been twenty years since I turned my first stone bowl. I wake in the morning eager to get to the shop where I work in voluntary solitude, amid dust, raw stones, unfinished pieces, and the newest generation of turning tools.

  • Jerry Lovenstein ~ Mixed Media

    Grassy Creek Brooms takes you back in time, reflecting a structure and design descended from the Shaker and Puritan eras.

  • James Englehardt ~ Mixed Media

    Having no formal art training, Jim began his art career by creating daVinci type airplanes and helicopters from metal, then graduating to elaborate old western town wall scenes, and mining town scenes on large pieces of driftwood.

  • Gena Ollendieck ~ Mixed Media

    Hand bound leather books & albums and mixed media collages.

  • Diana Stetson ~ Mixed Media

    Award-winning New Mexican painter Diana Stetson works at Hand Graphics in Santa Fe on monotypes

  • Cameron Lewis ~ Mixed Media

    I like the idea of Deep Thoughts, so ominous and important. Sitting around solving problems, contemplating the universe, or perhaps, just remembering to pick up milk on the way home.

  • Ashley Benton ~ Mixed Media

    Southern artist now living in Paonia, CO, Ashley’s work is sensitive, serene, sometimes precarious and a bit surreal.

  • Richard Harrington ~ Painting

    I graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 1982, majoring in business and studio art, and spent an equal amount of time chasing trout around local streams with a fly rod.

  • Yoram Gal ~ Painting

    Born in Jerusalem 1952. Grew up and was educated in London and Tel-Aviv. Started painting at 12. Exhibited since 13, accepted to Art College at 15 but decided against it.

  • Wei Liang ~ Painting

    Liang Wei have pursued his career as an artist for 30 years. In 2003 he established WL Art. Using his professional experience and advanced internet technology, hope to share his passion for art with people who love art around the world.

  • Suz Stovall ~ Painting

    “suz stovall passionately explores color through vibrating color fields and thin, spontaneous line. stovall’s abstract works invite the viewer to look deeply and enjoy the visual feast of color.”

  • Stefan Geissbuhler ~ Painting

    Born in Switzerland, Stefan Geissbühler now paints from his studio in Lakewood, Colorado and has worked as a full-time professional artist since 1992.

  • Scott Coulter ~ Painting

    Direct acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Sara Strozinski ~ Painting

    Colorado is where I began a serious relationship with watercolor. I am self taught in the medium. Because of my strong background in both drawing and photography, it was natural that the two would inform my work

  • Rita Orr ~ Painting

    Here you will find info on me and my work, original paintings and hand pulled serigraphs.

  • Preston Steed ~ Painting

    Preston Steed’s technical literacy and ability have allowed him to master the art of producing his own giclee fine art prints.

  • Pamela Lee ~ Painting

    My artwork, a collection of abstract and floral abstract paintings, combining rich, deep colors and subtle shadings, presented on back painted glass. The effect is quite unlike any other. I

  • Kathleen Willer ~ Painting

    I’ve been painting professionally for 20 years. I work with acrylic paint, often combined with pencil and crayon, on canvas. My ideas come mostly from my imagination – each painting is a story with a story.

  • Julie Havel ~ Painting

    I was a crazy creative kid. Always experimenting with different materials, building things, gluing them, and finding elements wherever I could to create something out of nothing.

  • Gregory Strachov ~ Painting

    Gregory Strachov has spent the greater portion of his life searching. He would often travel to remote places where he would walk and climb for as long as it took

  • Elena Balekha ~ Painting

    I paint in watercolor and oil. I paint to bring beauty and joy in people’s life.

  • Dennis Rhoades ~ Painting

    Original pastel paintings and limited edition prints by Dennis Rhoades

  • Dan Goad ~ Painting

    Dan Goad is best known for his watercolors of wading birds found along the coast of the Carolinas.

  • Chris Voeller ~ Painting

    Welcome to Art.Chrisvoeller featuring hand screen printed cards and hand painted wood panel artwork.

  • Brian Keller ~ Painting

    My career as a painter of realistic art and naturalistic images has taken me across America, and I have experienced the natural beauty that this land has to offer, from the sweep of Western landscapes to the intimacy of inland lakes and remote ocean beaches.

  • Adam Freed ~ Painting

    I currently reside in the small ski resort town of Crested Butte, Colorado with my wife and two sons where I paint full time from my home studio.

  • Dusty Demerson ~ Photography

    My passion is capturing the dramatic and intimate western landscape in panoramic and traditional photography. I share these images through fine art photography galleries, art festivals, shows and the web.

  • Tom Clements ~ Photography

    The challenge of bringing a scene to print that will transport any viewer to a place or memory has truly become a passion worth pursuing.

  • Scott McCormick ~ Photography

    My photography can be had in multiple media types including, aluminum prints, canvas prints, fine art water color paper, wood plaques and traditional paper prints

  • Matt Seuss ~ Photography

    I am an award-winning photographer who started my career at the age of 12 when I had my own chemical photo darkroom. My professional photography career started 8 years later in 1990.

  • Larry Humphrey ~ Photography

    Brooksville, FL

  • Kimbre Woods ~ Photography

    Wedding photography is only one aspect of me as a photographer. Photography itself has been a passion and career of mine for even longer, since I was a young girl.

  • Ken Laffal ~ Photography

    To all the kind strangers who have shown me such gracious hospitality in every corner of the globe, I offer heartfelt thanks in fifty different languages.

  • Keith Szafranski ~ Photography

    Livingston, Montana

  • Joseph Newton ~ Photography

  • Jim Carnevale ~ Photography

    My passion for imagery dates back nearly 40 years. Most of my photographic skills are self-taught, but to me, continual learning and growth in my work is essential.

  • Jeffery Graves ~ Photography

    My images are hand developed using traditional darkroom processing techniques. Doing so enables me to have complete control of creativity from the snap of the shutter to the final washing of the print.

  • Jason Pavalonis ~ Photography

    Looking for that perfect everything this world has to offer.

  • Greg Davis ~ Photography

    Upon his return to America, the images he captured soon became his life. One image in particular stands out in its ability to touch people.

  • Dan Sawusch ~ Photography

    Capturing the natural beauty of The Great Outdoors, Dan Sawusch is dedicated to preserving the moment that each picture holds.

  • Cathy Rapp ~ Photography

    Cathy started Red Fleece Studios with the commitment to truly doing what her heart knew was the right place to use and develop her skills.

  • Bryan Griffith ~ Photography

    Bryan David Griffith’s work is held in public and private collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

  • Timothy White ~ Sculpture

    Timothy White is a mixed media artist with a background in fine furniture making. His current work takes the form of furniture, sculpture and wall art made with various combinations of wood, concrete, metals, found objects, photographs and acrylics.

  • Yoshi Aoki ~ Sculpture

    I try to incorporate the balance between the movement and stillness, and the simplicity and complexity of the core forms that I find inherent in nature.

  • Seth Vandable ~ Sculpture

    Seth Vandable began his career as a commercial artist and painter in central Texas.His background in painting combined with many years of studying human anatomy have contributed to his international success as a sculptor.

  • Robert Brubaker ~ Sculpture

    “My artwork is historically and culturally influenced, not historically or culturally correct…”

  • Richard Turner and Eric Carroll ~ Sculpture

    Our passion: To realistically represent some of nature’s most beloved icons with unparalleled creative detail and lasting durability to enjoy no matter where you live.

  • Lucia Friedericy ~ Sculpture

    Theatrical characters, mythical figures, children’s heroes and heroines-these are the inspiration of the classic Friedericy Doll.

  • Lorri Acott ~ Sculpture

    Lorri’s sculptures are collected by art lovers as far away as The Netherlands, South Africa, and Japan, and have been placed on the sets of a number of different television programs

  • Laurel Peterson Gregory ~ Sculpture

    My bronze sculptures and statues are a reflection of my love for figurative expression and animals alike! I take great pride in creating bronze art that is meaningful and stands the test of time.

  • Kim Obrzut ~ Sculpture

    She started sculpting her Hopi maidens over twenty years ago and still has yet to scratch the surface of her cultural history. ”The Hopi Tribe of Northern Arizona, is thousands of years old.

  • James LaCasse ~ Sculpture

    In my sculpture, I attempt to reflect on the essence of what makes us human. To me, this is a realm that resembles a magical kaleidoscope of feeling and emotion.

  • Jack Charney ~ Sculpture

    Jack’s art reflects not only the spirit found at home in New Mexico, but also the tastes of international adventure.

  • Gary Johnson ~ Sculpture

    Gary grew up with an un-abiding love of nature, including the wildness of the sea’s the vast lonely stretches of the deserts and the pristine wilderness of the forests.

  • Brian Kidwell ~ Sculpture

    Brian Kidwell, known as “The Toy Maker”, is following in his father’s footprints creating Toy maker fantasy art pieces.

  • Antanas Ulevicius ~ Sculpture

    St. Petersburg, FL

  • Adam Schultz ~ Sculpture

    For over a quarter of a century, Adam has been living and sculpting in Northern Colorado. Working primarily in cast bronze and stainless steel

  • Steve Edgar ~ Wearable Art

    I’ve been in the leather trade for some 30 years now – from Santa Cruz, California in the 1980’s to the Florida Keys through 2000, and currently in Tallahassee, Florida.

  • Renata Zimmermann ~ Wearable Art

    I make coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves … you name it. Each one-of-a-kind piece is knitted and finished by hand.

  • Mary Sly ~ Wearable Art

    Presents the silk opera coats designed by Mary Sly, a plant portraitist and cloth designer in the United States.

  • Lynn Reintsema ~ Wearable Art

    Our wearables begin with the careful selection of beautiful natural fibers including silk, linen, wools & cashmeres. We manipulate, hand dye, piece and sew to make unique textures and surface designs.

  • Kathleen Tesnakis ~ Wearable Art

    `e ko logic is a life philosophy based upon a sustainable way of living and creating. Every item in our clothing and accessory line is handmade in Troy, New York by recycling post-consumer used garments.

  • Kara Taub ~ Wearable Art

    Kara Taub received her training at the Middlesex University in England. After receiving her degree in Constructed Textiles in 1996 she established her own studio based weaving practice in London, which was then her home.

  • Jenae Michelle ~ Wearable Art

    Old fashioned modern bags, gloves, and garments from jenae michelle

  • Jean Anderson ~ Wearable Art

    At Sundance, we believe in making quality and comfortable products. That’s why each piece is hand made in the USA with care using only American Sheepskins and Leathers

  • Erika Eckerstrand ~ Wearable Art

    Designs of Erika was founded by Erika Eckerstrand, a Swedish-born Santa Fe artist who marries form and function in all that she creates.

  • Elisabeth Delehaunty ~ Wearable Art

    We’re crazy about recycling! Since 1996, we’ve been committed to making exceptional garments and goodies from all the post-consumer fabric we can get our eager little mitts on.

  • Diane Harty ~ Wearable Art

    I approach each hat as I sculpture as I do not use any blocks or forms to create the shape as I stitch. This gives each hat a uniqueness and vitality.

  • Deborah Brawley ~ Wearable Art

    I truly love designing colorful, funky and unique clothing for both children and women.

  • Beryl Schmid ~ Wearable Art

  • Alejandra Escaffi ~ Wearable Art

  • Alec Johnson ~ Wearable Art

    In Idaho’s Teton Valley Yellowstone Leather designs and handcrafts fine leather goods and garments from American bison, shearling and other fine leathers.

  • Victor Edwards ~ Wood

    Oak and Rope Design specializes in hand-made indoor/outdoor use furniture created by Victor Edwards out of his Monticello, Florida, studio-in-the-woods. His work is guaranteed against defects for the life of the chairs.

  • Timothy Lockwood ~ Wood

    The purpose of my work is to make both useful and elegant pieces. To show the way it could be and the way it should be.

  • Steve Malavolta ~ Wood

    My puzzles are made with the intent to be played, creating both visual pleasure & intellectual challenges. Each puzzle piece is hand-cut and finished on both sides from select hardwoods.

  • Randall Ricketts ~ Wood

    Working in beautiful East Texas, Randall Ricketts is a furniture designer and woodworker who makes three-legged stools in the style of a traditional craftsman.
    Ricketts works primarily with salvaged hardwoods, including native Texas woods like mesquite, pecan and walnut.

  • John Deveer ~ Wood

    Hardwood Creations creates functional and unique wood products using traditional and modern woodworking techniques. The process includes tongue and groove, dovetail joinery, and/or aliphatic pressure bonding followed by sculpting, shaping, and sanding.

  • Jim Newbury ~ Wood

    Jim Newbury began making wooden toys as gifts for his nieces

  • Jennifer Homcy ~ Wood

    Simplicity is my philosophy because I feel it allows the wood to express its history better when I minimize the process.

  • Jeffrey Seaton ~ Wood

    We make one of a kind fine hardwood boxes, polished to a satin like finish . All of our exotic woods are natural and are not stained. I finish with a blend of fine oils and carnuba wax.

  • Jay McDougal ~ Wood

    His reductive sculpture begins with the careful selection of distinctive logs from hardwood trees that have fallen or been marked for removal near his studio in rural Minnesota.

  • Ed Bladen ~ Wood

    Handcrafted Cutting Boards, Wooden Boxes, Tea Trays, Cheese Slicers, Lazy Susans, Utensil Boxes

  • Bruce Taylor ~ Wood

    I specialize in creating anatomically correct, vivid wildlife sculptures carved from wood. My strengths include fish, birds and turtles but I can create any masterpiece you have in mind.

  • Brian Sykes ~ Wood