2015 Artists

  • Melissa Graves Brown ~ Painting

    Recently painting a series of landscapes, I am creating a body of work with an emphasis on imagination and attention to Nature.

  • Kristi Hyde ~ Jewelry

    Growing up in North Alabama, I spent much of my childhood playing outside, running around in the hardwoods, making believe of all sorts of fantastic things.

  • Janet Giesselman ~ Ceramics

    Jan loves the diversity of ceramic approaches including Naked Raku, Raku, Pit fire and traditional firing methods incorporating unique mixed media. Each piece is truly unique and customized to the theme and functionality of the artistry.

  • Sang Choi ~ Painting

    Oil on canvas, Western culture.

  • Maggie Grier ~ Painting

    Ethereal layers of traditional oil paints and pigments applied separately from oil media on gallery canvas.

  • Richard Heinze ~ Photography

    Seeking the simple beauty of open places, I use slide film and a manual camera, wait for definitive light, then work to capture a distinctive image.

  • Steve Keating ~ Photography

    I specialize in creating aerial landscape and architectural images. Also with a little abstract thrown in. At the moment, this is what interests me.

  • Paul Shatz ~ Photography

    My silver-gelatin original B & W photographs are created using large format film and traditional darkroom techniques.

  • John Russell ~ Wood

    Lathe turned wood hollow forms with chip inlaied semiprecious stone.

  • Amy Dallas ~ Mixed Media

    Marble and granite, carved and etched, cut and layered with rocks, glass, and sometimes paper. Makes unique wall sculptures.

  • Darren Jones ~ Mixed Media

    A mixture of beach sand, recycled wood and paper fibers, industrial staples, ink, plaster and acrylics applied to either canvas or wood panels. No brush work is used, all elements are applied by hand.

  • Robert Matthews ~ Mixed Media

    Hidden Spring Designs is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife team Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan.

  • Michele Scrivner ~ Mixed Media

    Art work is executed on wood panels (recycled doors); pigment powders, plaster, waxes, acrylics, metals and stains are likely to be used.

  • Alexandra Forsythe ~ Jewelry

    Fine Handcrafted Jewelry fresh from the mountains of Colorado. These unique and innovative designs are exquisitely made from sterling and pure silver, fine gemstones, 22k and 18k gold.

  • Sean Hill ~ Jewelry

    Hand crafted, original design, sterling silver jewelry created by the fabrication and lost wax casting methods, incorporating a gem grade resin and semi-precious gems into my designs.

  • Kristin Wornson ~ Jewelry

    I use tiny picks & tweezers to compose miniature vignettes out of collected & dissected plant material.

  • Aaron Ashcraft ~ Ceramics

    Each piece is hand thrown and glazed, resulting in a pleasing variation of pots that work together in harmony.

  • Reiko Cunningham ~ Ceramics

    Wheel and/or handbuilt porcelain.

  • Michael Hirsh ~ Ceramics

    My work is done with stoneware clay and porcelain clay. The pieces are thrown then meticulously hand carved, and have hand sculpted features. My layered glazes range from soft satins and mattes to high gloss.

  • Clare Pousson ~ Ceramics

    We use traditional methods such as wheel throwing, hand-building and drape-forming. Any molds or forms we use in these processes, we also make ourselves.

  • Paul Uhl ~ Ceramics

    Decorative one of a kind tea sculptures, vase’s, wall platters and wall hangings.

  • Erin Pietsch ~ Ceramics

    By working with porcelain, the choices are limitless in creating unique and interesting pieces. My goal is to try to combine function with beauty—not easy to do!

  • Gregg Billman ~ Digital Art

    Hand drawn & hand painted using digital tools on a Wacom Cintiq. Printed with archival media & inks.

  • John Charbonneau ~ Digital Art

    I didn’t think about being an artist as a child, but when a college roommate set-up a darkroom in a house we were renting, I discovered the magic of photography.

  • Chip DuPont ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    My work is a reflection of my life; inspired by the natural world. Its beauty and its imperfections.

  • Michael McKee ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    Working with soft pastels on an acrylic ground, I build my abstract compositions using bold color and shape.

  • Nha Vuu ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    I use eastern brushwork and western aesthetics to form the scenery. With a passion for architecture I develop arrangements that show density and community.

  • Janet Birch ~ Fiber

    I create colorful art rugs by combining my original abstract, geometric designs with traditional handweaving techniques. I weave layers of yarn colors to create rich texture and subtle depth within the rugs.

  • Rachel Derstine ~ Fiber

    Using many of the techniques of traditional quilting, as well as contemporary methods, I create abstract and landscape art quilts.

  • Steve Edgar ~ Fiber

    I’ve been in the leather trade for some 30 years now – from Santa Cruz, California in the 1980’s to the Florida Keys through 2000, and currently in Tallahassee, Florida.

  • Diane Harty ~ Fiber

    I approach each hat as I sculpture as I do not use any blocks or forms to create the shape as I stitch. This gives each hat a uniqueness and vitality.

  • Barbara Holloway ~ Fiber

    I am a handweaver of artwear, living and working in the high desert plateau country of Galisteo, New Mexico.

  • Heather Laurie ~ Fiber

    Silk is my canvas. I hand- draw, hand-dye & hand-cut each one of a kind silk piece.

  • Mychal Mitchell ~ Fiber

    Up-cycled leather & archival papers join in a non-adhesive book with classic and original stitching methods.

  • Erika Mock ~ Fiber

    Sculptural artwear made of recycled natural fibers; collaged, stitched, and/or color-block knit.

  • Beryl Schmid ~ Fiber

    I hand weave scarves and shawls using very fine threads. I use natural fibers, silk, wool and linen.

  • Kathleen Tesnakis ~ Fiber

    `e ko logic is a life philosophy based upon a sustainable way of living and creating. Every item in our clothing and accessory line is handmade in Troy, New York by recycling post-consumer used garments.

  • Lee Watrous ~ Fiber

    Fine leathers, exotic skins and fabric are cut, combined, trimmed & then sewn into works of art for the head.

  • Samuel Yao ~ Fiber

    Handwoven sculptural baskets with material from palm tree fiber and inflorescence.

  • Douglas Becker ~ Glass

    Blown Glass with multicolored trails , softly distorted and etched forms with copper electroforming.

  • John Fields ~ Glass

    Blown glass. Layers of many colors and textures of glass are incorporated during the blowing process.

  • Mark Hines ~ Glass

    Glass is fired over sand forms in the kiln to create texture,form & designs. Enamels are applied to the texture & fired again to fire the colors into the glass.

  • Ken Hanson ~ Glass

    Ken and Ingrid Hanson are a husband and wife glass blowing team who have been working collaboratively since 1992. Together they create hand blown art glass that is both unique and contemporary.

  • Chris McCarthy ~ Glass

    Blown glass using a variety of hot & cold working techniques such as incalmo and wheel carving.

  • Steven Paoli ~ Glass

    Saw cut glass, fused, kiln formed, sandblasted & satin fired.

  • Bruce Stowell ~ Glass

    Bruce Stowell practices his alchemy in a studio set in his serene avocado grove. There, he coaxes and cajoles molten glass into stunning works of functional art: vases, lamps, martini glasses or goblets.

  • Chip Arnold ~ Jewelry

    I use gold silver copper brass and bronze that is cast or fabricated.

  • Barbara Bayne ~ Jewelry

    The jewelry designs stem from interests in natural organic forms and geometric shapes that are combined to create unique outlines that I than use as a basis for my work.

  • Michele Black ~ Jewelry

    At the core of the work is the idea of motion, actual or implied. The palette of etched sterling, gold and gems, is influenced by the textures and colors of the American West.

  • Sarah Britton ~ Jewelry

    Hand fabricated mixed metal jewelry utilizing hot & cold connections to create movement both literal & implied.

  • Kay Cummins ~ Jewelry

    I am a happy, fun person. Probably as colorful as the jewelry that I create! I love making things that make people smile.

  • Vickie Deane ~ Jewelry

    Magical plant and flower forms, gathered from an imaginary garden are created in sterling silver, with gold accents and unique gemstones. All work is hand fabricated.

  • Kirsten Denbow ~ Jewelry

    My work is hand fabricated and enameled. I use mainly silver and kiln fired opaque enamels on copper.

  • Brenna Klassen-Glanzer ~ Jewelry

    Jewelry is fabricated from silver and copper using hollow-form construction techniques, fold-forming and texture.

  • Carol Martin ~ Jewelry

    Sculpted glass and precious metal jewelry. Each piece of glass is one of a kind, using the lost wax, kiln cast, and Pate de Verre methods.

  • Nina Morrow ~ Jewelry

    The driftwood, with all its intrinsic qualities, both challenges and stimulates my creativity.

  • Denise Robertson ~ Jewelry

    We hand build jewelry art pieces using antique, found & recycled materials, mixed metals, stones, bone, & glass. Our pieces have a very Victorian mechanical feel that reminds us of our past & our potential future.

  • Jill Schienle ~ Jewelry

    Contemporary designs fabricated from silver, copper, gold and alternative materials, using hot and cold connections, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and patina techniques.

  • Michele Throne ~ Jewelry

    Our work is hand fabricated using a jeweler’s saw. We also create pieces that can reversed so 2 meanings/ images can be expressed.

  • Michael Vagner ~ Jewelry

    Living in the Pacific Northwest has a profound impact on my current body of work: Biomorphic sculptural jewelry. I hand fabricate & construct precious metals in 3D organic fluid shapes.

  • Jodie Bliss ~ Metal

    Steel is cut, then hand forged, twisted, textured and shaped hot. Welded assembly and finished with a brass brush patina.

  • E. Moises Diaz ~ Metal

    Hand cut stainless steel/recycled aluminum from cans, sculpted pieces, presented in low relief shadow box format.

  • Arunas Oslapas ~ Metal

    Painted metal baskets are woven from reclaimed steel banding which is commonly used for strapping lumber and other industrial materials.The raw steel strapping is wildly unmanageable and the challenge of taming this sharp, spring-loaded material makes the creation of each basket a memorable event.

  • Arunas Oslapas ~ Metal

    The metal quilt journey begins with scrap metal rescued from junkyards, cut from old signs, or abandoned on the side of the road. Some pieces come blessed with color, while others are painted and left to rust. Varying pieces & found objects are rearranged a 100 times, before being riveted & framed.

  • Damian Velasquez ~ Metal

    Damian Velasquez builds modern furniture from his studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. All furniture designs are original and hancrafted.

  • Joe and Mari Axton-Giddings ~ Mixed Media

    Our color palette typically includes metal patinas, oxides and rusts in layers of acrylic paint. We look for unexpected harmonies in the interplay of rule-driven technical procedures and artistic genres, as well as in the sometimes oppositional approaches of our collaboration.

  • Brian Billow ~ Mixed Media

    Art and P.E. were my favorite subjects in school. I always put more into them than my other subjects because they made me feel alive!

  • Jennifer Ernst ~ Mixed Media

    I create one of a kind clocks from salvaged antique door hardware. a skeleton key swings as the pendulum.

  • Cary Henrie ~ Mixed Media

    Contemporary fresco – weathered plaster combined with natural butterflies and plant materials.

  • Deanna Hood ~ Mixed Media

    I paint with beeswax mixed with damar resin and dry pigment and incorporate graphite, oil pastels, chalk pastels and collage elements on wood panels and found wood.

  • Michele Ledoux ~ Mixed Media

    Using meditative brushstrokes, I apply layer upon layer of encaustic followed by a unique process and thoughtful combination of heating, fusing, scraping and the incorporation of oil +/- solarplate, recycled materials and found object framework.

  • Lou Michaels ~ Mixed Media

    Bronze sculpture and metal beam juxtaposed in front of images on archival canvas.

  • Jack Richardson ~ Mixed Media

    It has been twenty years since I turned my first stone bowl. I wake in the morning eager to get to the shop where I work in voluntary solitude, amid dust, raw stones, unfinished pieces, and the newest generation of turning tools.

  • Kathy Ross ~ Mixed Media

    Individually built armatures use wood, wire, plaster, cloth, cardboard, spray-foam-insulation… Then many layers of paper. Then the surface treatment is maps/book pages or gems/bling or cut, bent, and soldered tin

  • Phil Smith ~ Mixed Media

    Each mixed-media photo collage is based on original, un-retouched photographic images of objects seen every day… windows, doors or buildings.

  • Marjolyn van der Hart ~ Mixed Media

    Layers of tissue paper applied over vintage wallpapers, postcards and textured papers. Acrylic paint and photo transfers process creates imagery which is sourced from classic films and magazines.

  • Christopher Wheeler ~ Mixed Media

    My work is a combination of drawing, painting & sculpting all in one.

  • Kara Young ~ Mixed Media

    The unique nature of my work is in combining fired metals, paper and other materials to represent nature’s process of aging as found in rusted metals, dry river beds and stained stone walls.

  • Barbara Dollahite ~ Painting

    It is exciting and different with every piece and the possibilities are endless. For me, each piece is a separate journey.

  • Joe and Mari Axton-Giddings ~ Painting

    Our color palette typically includes metal patinas, oxides and rusts in layers of acrylic paint. We look for unexpected harmonies in the interplay of rule-driven technical procedures and artistic genres, as well as in the sometimes oppositional approaches of our collaboration.

  • David Fedeli ~ Painting

    “I believe that as an artist, it is not my purpose to dictate what the viewer sees on the canvas, but rather to pose a question that causes them to seek an answer within themselves.”

  • Rachel Harvey ~ Painting

    I use oils, on canvas and panel, to create landscape paintings, both en plein air and in the studio.

  • Julie Havel ~ Painting

    I was a crazy creative kid. Always experimenting with different materials, building things, gluing them, and finding elements wherever I could to create something out of nothing.

  • Martin Lambuth ~ Painting

    Painted with credit cards. Rich color buried in layers of loose textures. Looks like realism at distance, abstract up close. Nostalgia.

  • Nicholas Reti ~ Painting

    Original oil paintings created plein-air and in the studio.

  • Dennis Rhoades ~ Painting

    Original pastel paintings and limited edition prints by Dennis Rhoades

  • Justin Cox ~ Photography

    Night Photography: All Photos taken around 2 a.m.; NOT “Photoshopped”; Colors and Brightness achieved with my camera, not my computer. My work challenges the preconceptions of the viewer by making night look like day & small look large.

  • Dana Echols ~ Photography

    As a photographer who strives to reveal the intimacy of nature, I try to photograph very tight and “clean”. I mainly focus on design, lines, texture and color.

  • John Granata ~ Photography

    Photographic images printed on translucent Japanese paper and uniquely mounted on museum quality acrylic. Intentionally designed and created to sooth and refresh the viewer with a unique glowing presence.

  • Marty Hulsebos ~ Photography

    Warm-toned black and white photography. Printed on dye infused metal, or with pigmented inks on fine art paper.

  • Dan Sawusch ~ Photography

    Capturing the natural beauty of The Great Outdoors, Dan Sawusch is dedicated to preserving the moment that each picture holds.

  • Glen and Gayle Wans ~ Photography

    Tranquil still life compositions of natural elements using a 4×5 large format camera.

  • Rick Winkler ~ Photography

    I use a fish tank and trigger mechanism to set off during a splash, I process all images for a clean presentation.

  • Tim Zandee ~ Photography

    Patience is more important than any equipment in his camera bag. Countless hours of hiking and waiting for the perfect light have been put into his work.

  • Merry Cox ~ Sculpture

    At first when I considered collaborating with other peoples’ used up and thrown out traces, I was overwhelmed with all the junk, all the stuff discarded.

  • Seth Vandable ~ Sculpture

    Seth Vandable began his career as a commercial artist and painter in central Texas.His background in painting combined with many years of studying human anatomy have contributed to his international success as a sculptor.

  • Lucia Friedericy ~ Sculpture

    Theatrical characters, mythical figures, children’s heroes and heroines-these are the inspiration of the classic Friedericy Doll.

  • Ryan Kvande ~ Sculpture

    The kinetic sculptures work with a simple spin of the hand. Although they are visually attractive when still, the sculptures become truly fascinating when in motion. Unfolding in a variety of constant changing patterns they appear to move in impossible ways.

  • Kim Obrzut ~ Sculpture

    She started sculpting her Hopi maidens over twenty years ago and still has yet to scratch the surface of her cultural history. ”The Hopi Tribe of Northern Arizona, is thousands of years old.

  • Rex Burningham ~ Wood

    From the tree to the arts festival, I strive to make and present only the finest hand turned wooden vessel, bowls and wall hangings.

  • William Folger ~ Wood

    All my work is done on a wood lathe using hand held cutting tools. Inlay, piercing, pyrography, stippling, coloring
    techniques are added to enhance the pieces.

  • Matthew Hatala ~ Wood

    High figured wood from around the world turned dried and turned again to remove distortion from the drying
    process to a wall thickness of 3/16th sanded to a scratch-less surface 15 coats of a high gloss finish are applied and a ornamental handle is created to complete the piece.

  • Bill Palmer ~ Wood

    Tables & sculptures made with unusual hardwoods, enhanced with occasional art-glass focal elements.

  • Anna Pavlova ~ Wood

    Hand tooled and hand carved hair forks from local recycling wood – ash, oak ,plum, cherry
    each piece one-of-a-kind

  • Steve Uren ~ Wood

    Using domestic, sustainably forested materials, I combine different species of woods to create color contrast in each one-of-a-kind piece of work.

  • Anthony Hansen ~ Metal

    All pieces are constructed using found automotive sheet metals, misc. scrap, old signs and license plates.