2016 Artists


  • J.C. Leacock ~ Photography

    I photograph the stunning landscapes and Americana of the west and beyond with an emphasis on moment, light, color and composition.

  • Lee Watrous ~ Fiber

    Fine leathers, exotic skins and fabric are cut, combined, trimmed & then sewn into works of art for the head.

  • Don Mancini ~ Wood

  • Teri Smith ~ Jewelry

  • Caitlin Ward ~ Jewelry

    Made by hand with ethically sourced materials, recycled packaging, and a boat load of soul.

  • Jurate Phillips ~ Mixed Media

    Involves layering, adding, subtracting a combination of acrylic paint, gesso, paper, textiles and other collage elements to build up a diverse surface.

  • Paul Willsea ~ Glass

    Blown and cast glass. A blown bubble is joined hot to a cast base and opened into a bowl.

  • Leslie Friedman ~ Glass

    My glass is created using multiple layers of sheet glass,frit & powder glass.The tree forms are kiln fired first,then layered into the final composition using 10 layers of glass.

  • Kerrin Pogozelski ~ Fiber

    I combine unique treatments and colors in leather and fabric using a hand-stitching machine typically used to make saddles and shoes. All my tools and techniques are manual and create a unique combination of rustic and refined.

  • Deborah Klezmer ~ Jewelry

    I like addressing the passage of time not only as a simple fact but also as a reminder to seize the day.

  • Ryanne Sebern ~ Jewelry

    Unique jewelry designs created in fine mixed metals- Original jewelry designs are inspired by nature.

  • Deborah Costello ~ Glass

    I create original stained glass designs where I score, cut and grind each piece of art glass needed for the design. To construct the panel I use either the leaded or copper foil method, sometimes both.

  • Max PiperMD ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    Detailed pen & ink drawings, on little tin boxes and hand painted with 5-7 layers transparent oils – beautiful.

  • Keun Park ~ Painting

    Original oil painting with brush & palette knife techniques on canvas.

  • Kristin Gruenberger~ Ceramics

    Encompassing the notion of play, I manipulate form and surface with my ceramic toys and porcelain tableware.

  • Sarah Bean ~ Mixed Media

    I carve into the book using an x-acto knife, shade the carving with graphite and then situate it with a 3D abstract assemblage build from found and prepared materials. The concept is to dive into the book and make something new and beautiful, in the way one does when reading.

  • Brian Berger ~ Glass

    As a second-generation glassblower I use the techniques and signature color pattern taught to me by my father at a young age. Using multiple layers of color followed by layers of clear, each piece is one of a kind with depth throughout.

  • Beau Tudzarov ~ Digital Art

    I utilize 3D programs to create entirely original images. There is no in-sourcing of other media such as photography—all objects are individually and independently structured in virtual space.

  • Matthew Jorgensen ~ Ceramics

    Hand thrown stoneware pots for decorative and functional purposes. All pieces are high fired in a gas kiln with layers of slip and glaze.

  • Kevin DesPlanques ~ Wood

    I use the stack lamination method to create my wooden forms. I then sculpt the final shapes using hand-held abrasive tools.

  • Thomas Wargin ~ Sculpture

    Cast and fabricated bronze with torch technique chemically applied colorant.

  • Susan Otterson ~ Fiber

    Hand crafted knitwear and clothing using merino wool and cloth in a plaitin and piecing technique.

  • Meyer Abrams ~ Mixed Media

    2-D mixed media on wood panel or canvas, Includes painting with oils, acrylics and pastels, photography, drawing, papers, cloth, found objects and materials such as old books, maps, sketches, etc.

  • Steve Knox ~ Glass

    Stained Glass pieces ranging from 12 inch circles to free standing pieces over six feet tall.

  • Donald Shelton ~ Mixed Media

    I forge textures, shapes, and various joineries using traditional as well as modern techniques and tools. I work mostly with iron and may add hand worked wood, other metals, stone, or glass to complete the design.

  • Chung Choi ~ Painting

    Western landscape, oil on canvas.

  • Luis Enrique Gutierrez ~ Ceramics

    My ceramic sculpture is a blending of my Nicoyan Indian heritage and my contemporary innovations….

  • Janet Chico ~ Fiber

    I select a variety of eye-appealing fabrics and trims to create classic, yet contemporary handbags. My 20 year business focus is my consistent quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • James Weikert ~ Painting

    I paint with oils as a wash over a smooth white surface. The bright background shines through the color adding vibrancy and creating a stained glass effect.

  • John Vick ~ Wood

    I hand craft string music instruments using re-purposed cigar boxes, hardwoods and found and up-cycled objects, creating old-time Americana instruments that are both beautiful and playable.

  • Epaul Julien ~ Photography

    I superimpose my photos on gold-leafed birch board and cover with equivalent of 30 coats acrylic.

  • Larry Brown ~ Wood

    Using select woods with I meticulously prepare boards for tight joinery, then stack laminate boards using dozens of heavy clamps resulting in a basic lamp stem block. Shades are handmade in studio using multiple layers of mango paper.

  • Dale Robbins ~ Wood

    I turn highly figured burl wood on lathe to create unique organic wall sculptures w/ depth & curvature. I incorporate metals, stones, patinas so each piece is distinctive, flowing & highly textural.

  • Terry Evans ~ Wood

    Vessels of laminated hardwoods using advanced band saw and abrasive techniques. No paint or stain.

  • Richard McCollum ~ Wood

    Cherry design that is free form cut on a band saw, drilled and drum sanded.

  • Charles Taube ~ Sculpture

    I create my 1-of a kind hardwood sculptures using my own self-taught lamination, sanding and finishing techniques.

  • Guilloume 1 Guilloume ~ Sculpture

    Patinated Bronze sculptures with granite or metal bases. Human Figures that explore relationship.

  • Dan McCabe ~ Sculpture

    I create organic modern functional and non-functional metalworks of silicon bronze, stainless steel and mild steel.

  • Fredrick Prescott ~ Sculpture

    Using the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel, my work is seen as a blend of folk art, pop art, and technically advanced construction.

  • Shanti Yard ~ Sculpture

    I sustainably hand harvest every piece of wood I turn into a sculptural piece of art, using predominantly burl which lends itself to unique bark inclusions and distinct grain patterns.

  • John Scanlan ~ Photography

    Color landscape photography on film and digital capture using medium and large format equipment with available, ambient light.

  • Patrick O’Toole ~ Photography

    I am a fine art photographer and got my start in the business documenting crime scenes and conducting surveillance operations.

  • Dona Bollard ~ Photography

    Traditional Film & Darkroom techniques. All work is printed exclusively by the artist.

  • Russell Grace ~ Photography

    The body of work seeks out unique patterns and compositions of rural and natural landscapes under the title “In the Best Possible Light.”

  • Patrick Whalen ~ Photography

    Cerebral images captured with high-resolution cameras and printed on archival paper and aluminum.

  • JD Dennison ~ Photography

    I take pictures at night with a flash, and use a negative of the image (blacks and whites reversed).

  • Jesper Johansen ~ Photography

    I use 1:87 scale hand painted European train model figures placed with everyday items.

  • Charles Thomas ~ Painting

    I paint on canvas and board using oil colors in a traditional manner, applyig multiple layers of pigment until completion.

  • Roger Disney ~ Painting

    Work is oil applied to stretched canvas entirely with the use of palette knife.

  • Timothy Kobs ~ Painting

    I use acrylic paint on hardboard. By glazing with multiple layers, I create vibrant & detailed art.

  • Seung Lee ~ Painting

    Acrylic and ink painting on woodcut with collage of pre-painted paper and woodblock print.

  • Cheri Vilona ~ Painting

    Nature inspires an expressiveness within me that moves my work towards abstraction by balancing color, scale, shapes and values.

  • Erin Hanson ~ Painting

    I use thickly applied oil paint to create powerful compositions of color and texture. My impressionist paintings have a mosaic or stained glass effect.

  • Matt Dollahite ~ Painting

    I paint from life as much as possible and take that as a guide to the studio. My enjoyment of painting comes from my interpretation of light and shadow.

  • Scott Yelonek ~ Painting

    Watercolor on paper and oil on canvas and board.

  • Michael Swearngin ~ Painting

    Driven by design with simple shapes to establish a strong composition with charcoal or graphite I layout the image and then I start the under painting in acrylic paint I use canvas, paper and board as my support I then finish the painting in my contemporary style.

  • Rob Williams ~ Mixed Media

    Using rags, brushes, sanders and unconventional implements my process is basically a layering of applied, removed and excavated latex, acrylic, enamel and graphite onto handmade wooden panels, then finished with satin polymer.

  • James Nemnich ~Mixed Media

    Oil pastels, oil pencil and graphite on embossed cotton paper. I add and subtract layers until I achieve the desired effect.

  • Armando Pedroso ~ Mixed Media

    I deconstruct and reconstruct layers of roofing tar, plaster, found objects, metals, symbol’s, rich acrylic colors to create inspirational and emotionally driven paintings.

  • Tanya Kirouac ~ Mixed Media

    Encaustic painting; pigment mixed with a hot beeswax/resin mixture, applied molten on wood panel with brushes, then scraped, carved and re-applied, each layer is fused via blow torch to secure.

  • Beverly Hayden ~ Mixed Media

    Using layers of vintage 1950s romance comic strips and blocks of white color, I explore and comment on the beautify, complexity and psychology of modern day relationships.

  • Jeffrey Zachmann ~ Metal

    Kinetic Sculpture, of formed and welded stainless steel with found materials, glass and stainless balls, exploring movement and people’s attraction to movement.

  • Dan McCabe ~ Metal

    I create organic modern functional and non-functional metalworks of silicon bronze, stainless steel and mild steel.

  • Ed Kolle ~ Metal

    Acid etched,hand forged,silver soldered and leather lined nickel silver boxes with bezel set natural gemstones.

  • Jake Asuit ~ Metal

    Forged pattern welded steel with unique patterns adorned with fossils, stones, bones and wood for handles make my knives a one of a kind piece of art.

  • Lisa Telling Kattenbraker ~ Fiber

    Contemporary batik on cotton fabric.

  • Joan Sample ~ Jewelry

    I use recycled & new buttons and nylon cord, knotting them together in a variety of non-traditional ways to create my version of contemporary folk art.

  • Francesca Bales ~ Jewelry

    Inspired by architecture and engineering, my jewelry is hand fabricated, forged, soldered, fold-formed, hinged and riveted to create tiny kinetic sculptures meant to be worn.

  • Martin Taber ~ Jewelry

    My pieces raise a tension between the mundane & the sublime asking the question, “what do you consider truly precious?”

  • Nikki Nation ~ Jewelry

    All jewelry is handmade using traditional methods of metalsmithing such as fabrication, forming, texturing, and forging.

  • Carla Pennie McBride ~ Jewelry

    Inspired by the botanical world, I create one-of-a-kind and limited edition wearable jewelry.

  • Jean Havet ~ Jewelry

    We design and handcraft fabricated of 14K.gold-fill, Sterling silver, brass and copper. We specialize in bracelets.

  • Suzy Williamson ~ Jewelry

    Hand fabricated silver often combining other metals.

  • Hanan Ingel ~ Jewelry

    We set genuine Greek and Roman coins into jewelry crafting a distinctive piece of wearable art.

  • Aline Sar ~ Jewelry

    I hand Fabricate metal only jewelry: I forge, shape and solder.

  • Jason Becker ~ Jewelry

    My work is made by casting sterling silver into the brittle shell of a cuddlefish. Once cast & polished each piece is embellished with clay wood silver & copper, then painted with enamels.

  • Esther Sullivan ~ Jewelry

    I use primitive metalsmithing techniques such as hammering methods, torch work and oxidation to create form, contrasts and other design elements in my individually handmade pieces.

  • Betty Jäger ~ Jewelry

    Hand forged and fabricated jewelry. Most of my collection is created in sterling silver.

  • Jeff & Myan Sorensen ~ Jewelry

    Naturally shed deer & elk antler, found in the high mountains of Southern Colorado.

  • Julie Jerman-Melka ~ Jewelry

    Hand hammered and forged sterling with cold connected beach stones, tube set gemstones and freshwater pearls.

  • Sandy Murphy ~ Jewelry

    Diamonds, other precious and semi-precious stones in handcrafted, fabricated designs.

  • Laurette O’Neil ~ Jewelry

    Clean lines and a seeming simplicity define jewelry made by Laurette O’Neil and her husband Zygmunt.

  • Robbi Farschman ~ Jewelry

    Sterling silver and copper jewelry celebrates the beauty of both structure and decay.

  • Jennifer Lesea-Ames ~ Jewelry

    I focus on fusing my sterling silver to create my one of a kind pieces, have a collection of landscape fused sterling silver jewelry.

  • Scott Gamble ~ Glass

    Hand blown and hot sculpted glass with a sand etched and acid polished surface.

  • Joshua Rodine ~ Glass

    Flame worked borosilicate glass which is blown, sculpted, and cold-worked.

  • Cheryl Kabala~ Fiber

    Hand woven soft rayon boucle and Ric Rac scarves and shawls. Interlaced colorful threads inspired by desert Southwest.

  • Niko Culevski ~ Fiber

    The blankets are handwoven in USA by a sixth generation weaver from Macedonia with 100% super soft merino wool in traditional early American Rosenkransen and twill patterns.

  • Della Goheen ~ Fiber

    I hand dye my straw cloth and shape hats by sculpting/draping. Felt hats are hand shaped on antique hat blocks or blocks I create myself.

  • Louise Valentine ~ Fiber

    The Japanese method of shibori resist dyeing allows us to explore the relationship between colour and texture.

  • Julie Keaten-Reed~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    Using Japanese sumi ink & calligraphy brush, I create stylized monochromatic landscapes, using watercolor accents.

  • Marcus Ryan~ Digital Art

    Original artist photography that digitally manipulated and hand colored with acrylic paint to add texture and color. Each piece is artist printed and painted.

  • Sally Austin ~ Mixed Media

    Sally’s recent body of work consists of multi-dimentional wall hangings with multiple layers of heat set textile paint with hand stitching on cloth.

  • Ann Sharkey ~ Painting

    I want to highlight the raw beauty of the world around me. I attempt this most often with saturated colors made more dramatic by rich darks and warm lights. I’m particularly drawn to the shadows, being really more a painter of shadows than a painter of light.

  • Elisabeth Delehaunty ~ Fiber

    We’re crazy about recycling! Since 1996, we’ve been committed to making exceptional garments and goodies from all the post-consumer fabric we can get our eager little mitts on.

  • Ivy McNulty ~ Jewelry

    Horsehair Jewelry by IM Silver features hair from your treasured horse, to create beautiful keepsakes.

  • Don McWhorter ~ Ceramics

    My most recent works are wheelthrown and altered stoneware pieces inspired by ancient and traditional architectural forms.

  • J.C. Leacock ~ Photography

    I photograph the stunning landscapes and Americana of the west and beyond with an emphasis on moment, light, color and composition.

  • Kimbre Woods ~ Photography

    I specialize in antique photographic printing processes that are primarily from the 1800’s. Photography itself has been a passion and career of mine for even longer, since I was a young girl.

  • Damien Jones ~ Ceramics

    Handbuilt, highbred ceramic sculptures, wall pieces and water features, with decorative textures and glazes.

  • Suzette Nesbitt ~ Jewelry

    “Constant exploration in techniques has resulted in work that is always changing and fresh with the signature ‘light-hearted’ approach that is synonymous with my life.”

  • Maggie Beyeler ~ Ceramics

    Magpie Pottery operates with 3 Skutt kilns and the same number of dogs. All work is constructed from a beautiful, smooth white-clay body (half porcelain and half stoneware), then electric fired to a mid-range stoneware temperature of cone 6.

  • John Minkler ~ Ceramics

    All of my work is wheel thrown stoneware, but most forms are altered and cut to create a variety of shapes. Using matte glazes and wax resist, I create designs inspired by an interest in geometry, nature, and repeating patterns.

  • Jason Trebs ~ Ceramics

    Handmade functional stoneware pottery.

  • Shawn Harris ~ Digital Art

    Dressing up in latex animal masks, I photograph myself (and occasionally others) on a green-screen, creating characters to digitally layer into my landscape/environmental photography.

  • Jeffrey Cannon ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    What makes certain places special ? Why do we feel good in Nature ? How does Light define a sense of place ? These questions invite the willing participant to explore how the power of Nature continues to enchant, excite, inspire, calm, heal, inform and transform us all.

  • Jennifer Cavan ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    For the last dozen years, I’ve created whimsical oil pastel drawings of the landscape. In addition to being represented by several select galleries, I have participated in numerous juried art shows throughout the country.

  • Barbara Marcus-McKenna ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    The world of fine art has always aroused my passion, and continues to focus my attention on excellence.

  • Mimi Damrauer ~ Fiber

    Marian (Mimi) Damrauer is an award winning Chicago-based fiber artist. Her textile collages were first influenced by traditional Amish quilts and have evolved into contemporary, graphic fine art pieces for wall decor.

  • Amy Gillespie ~ Fiber

    Sculptural wall pieces created with wet-felted wool, paint and wood.

  • Carol Sobieniak ~ Fiber

    Combining the eye of a painter and the hands of an experienced textile artist Carol Sobieniak blends the art of traditional rug making with contemporary style.

  • Kara Young ~ Fiber

    My pieces are made of 85% handcast abaca paper. The surface is then covered with joint compound, then copper or silver leafed. Some pieces are painted with bees wax and pigment, called encaustic.

  • Tom Bloyd ~ Glass

    In my latest body of work, I delve into the interplay of light, color and form. Glass colors are overlaid purposefully with subtle gradation to express pattern.

  • Susie Aoki ~ Jewelry

    Mixed metals are cut, shaped and textured by hand with the goal of achieving a natural, freeform look.

  • Pam Caidin ~ Jewelry

    My work is always evolving. What does stay constant are two things. One is my desire for simplified, elemental, almost primordial form; leaves, pebbles, diatoms, planets.

  • Eric & Melynda Candee ~ Jewelry

    Peaceful, architectural and minimal are words often used to describe my work.

  • Pam Fox ~ Jewelry

    The Pam Fox Jewelry studio is tucked away in the lush subtropical forests of rural Sarasota, Florida. Her designs reflect the textures and shapes of the diverse surrounding plant life.

  • Carol Greiwe ~ Jewelry

    I hand fabricate all of my jewelry from silver sheet metal and wire. A signature element of my work are my own handmade ceramic stones that are cut, formed and kiln fired from a slab of clay.

  • Alex Horst ~ Jewelry

    Simple geometry and clean lines are the cornerstone to Alex Horst’s gemstone carvings and jewelry creations because they allow the elegance and beauty of nature to speak for itself.

  • Glynn Powell ~ Jewelry

    We are highly influenced by modern design; yet construct jewelry that also has an antique patina. We are always focusing on new techniques and concepts.

  • Julie Powell ~ Jewelry

    I am moved by color. It causes my thoughts to race and my heart to beat.

  • Harry Roa ~ Jewelry

    All his designs are hand crafted using a combination lost wax process and fabrication. Each piece of wearable art is embellished with quality precious gemstones and diamonds.

  • John Strobel ~ Jewelry

    Innovative, sculptural designs range from the sensuous and organic, to the bold and geometric.

  • Nicole and Harry Hansen ~ Metal

    We combine the arts of blacksmithing and silversmithing. All of our jewelry is hot forged stainless steel with Argentium sterling silver, gold, and stones.

  • Elaine Ware ~ Mixed Media

    Beautiful handcrafted boxes made by using elements of copper, nickel and low fire ceramic.

  • Aileen Frick ~ Mixed Media

    Mixed Media paintings explore the boundaries between collage and the painted image. The entire composition is made using torn pages from magazines that are layered with acrylics, enhanced with oil paint, and then varnished.

  • Teresa Merriman ~ Mixed Media

    I am fueled by the thought that fascination drives us all; that journals are our bona fide tag-alongs on this excursion of life; and that my role as a bookbinder is relevant in the anthropology of our instinctual story-telling tendencies.

  • Todd Perkins ~ Mixed Media

    I use re-purposed guitars or shapes of guitars and include found items to create one of a kind pieces of guitar art.

  • Timothy White ~ Mixed Media

    These mixed media pieces begin with a photographic image of an abandoned building. The mood evoked by the scene is enlarged with a panel created using acrylics on wood or cast concrete to create the colors and textures. The resulting pieces explore the stories of abandoned places.

  • Scott Coulter ~ Painting

    Direct acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Ummarid Eitharong ~ Painting

    Acrylic on watercolor paper.

  • Adam Freed ~ Painting

    I currently reside in the small ski resort town of Crested Butte, Colorado with my wife and two sons where I paint full time from my home studio.

  • Stefan Geissbuhler ~ Painting

    Born in Switzerland, Stefan Geissbühler now paints from his studio in Lakewood, Colorado and has worked as a full-time professional artist since 1992.

  • Richard Harrington ~ Painting

    I graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 1982, majoring in business and studio art, and spent an equal amount of time chasing trout around local streams with a fly rod.

  • Stephanie Saint-Thomas ~ Painting

    Gold and silver leaf, opalescent powders, acrylic paints, illustrative linework in opaque metallic ink suspended between layers of clear, glossy resin.

  • Suz Stovall ~ Painting

    “My current work is spontaneous and joyful. Exploring color, composition and design.”

  • Gregory Strachov ~ Painting

    Gregory Strachov has spent the greater portion of his life searching. He would often travel to remote places where he would walk and climb for as long as it took

  • Greg Davis ~ Photography

    Upon his return to America, the images he captured soon became his life. One image in particular stands out in its ability to touch people.

  • John Scanlan ~ Photography

    My work is Photography produced using medium and large format equipment on film and digital capture with available, ambient light.

  • Mary Staby ~ Photography

    “From one end of the globe to the other — Norsk by Southwest — my heritage, home, and travels take my cameras and paintbrushes and pencils to places far apart by distance, but close by association,”

  • Yoshi Aoki ~ Sculpture

    I try to incorporate the balance between the movement and stillness, and the simplicity and complexity of the core forms that I find inherent in nature.

  • Jack Charney ~ Ceramics

    Hand-formed earthenware figurative ceramic sculptures created from a series of slumped forms that are then manipulated and assembled into one of a kind pieces that are multi-fired for the desired glaze effect.

  • Cameron Lewis ~ Sculputure

    Two artists create a warped and modern twist on snow globes. Original clay sculpture is combined with re-purposed items (hardware, vintage jewelry, toys) to become tiny mixed-media sculptures inspired broadly by Tesla, Escher and steam-punk themes, shimmering inside liquid-filled glass globes.

  • Stephanie & Scott Shangraw ~ Wood

    Carved sculptures out of wood & stone using a chainsaw and various grinders, to create waves, folds, bends and more. Turquoise and other Stones are inlayed into natural cracks & voids.

  • Antanas Ulevicius ~ Sculpture

    Hand-built stoneware and porcelain figures.

  • Carol & Mark Reynolds ~ Sculpture

    Together they continue to design, build, and show their high quality Kaleidoscopes and Light Sculptures at shows and galleries all across the country.

  • Clare Pousson ~ Ceramics

    We use traditional methods such as wheel throwing, hand-building and drape-forming. Any molds or forms we use in these processes, we also make ourselves.

  • Larry Hamilton ~ Glass

    Cold worked glass is inter-woven. The glass is then fired. Removed from the kiln and multiple layers are added. The base structure of the first firing give a base to the open panels that follow.

  • Katherine Goulandris ~ Jewelry

    We feel the expression of art is an attempt to more deeply understand the world around us

  • Alison Antelman ~ Jewelry

    The Metropolis collection is inspired by the vitality of a cityscape. My jewelry is hand fabricated and forged, like the cities that are its inspiration

  • Geoffrey Harris ~ Digital Art

    Digital Paintings inspired by my antique toy and game collection. From an early age, I enjoyed painting and drawing but received no formal training.

  • Anthony Hansen ~ Metal

    All pieces are constructed using found automotive sheet metals, misc. scrap, old signs and license plates.

  • Tate Hamilton ~ Painting

    Oil paintings on gallery wrapped canvas created with a 5 color palette.

  • Jane Johnson ~ Painting

    I have always created. Like most children my first audience was my family, there I gained recognition and my first taste of success. I continued working in the visual arts all through college trying almost every medium.

  • Clark Crenshaw ~ Photography

    I am a professional photographer living in Garland, Texas. My subject matter varies from the deserts of the southwest to the colorful architecture of Colonial Mexico.

  • Holly Emerson ~ Fiber

    Picking a variety of material based on colors patterns textures and funk-ability, turning this recycled material into a hat, glove, bag, or thnead. Recycled belt buckle, handles out of shirt collars,lace, antique buttons, hand-cut appliques, makes this an everyday wearable piece of art. Smile Maker!

  • Gary Moser ~ Wood

    Unique tables with live edge tops some with inlays and handcrafted steel tree bases. Some hot patinas applied as in birch trees.

  • Jeff & Susan Laing ~ Sculpture

    Each piece begins as a 4×10 sheet of stainless steel. We hand draw, then plasma cut the steel. We then hand form, weld and grind to create our sculpture.

  • Charles Hazelaar ~ Sculpture

    Narratives using visual, literary, and memoir sources displayed in slab rolled and textured clay shells along with re-purposed materials and images.

  • Andrew Butler ~ Photography

    My photographic journey was born out of my love of travel, something I had discovered long before I ever picked up a serious camera.

  • Jany Seda ~ Painting

    Painting the environment; a luscious bunch of squares, rectangles, shadows and angles, provides my eyes with multi-hued possibilities.

  • Richard Hall ~ Painting

    Richard has been painting all of his life, creating magnificent works of art in a wide variety of styles. He worked many years in the Fine Art Publishing business, creating large bodies of works for clients.

  • Seung Lee ~ Mixed Media

    Acrylic and ink painting on woodcut with collage of pre-painted paper and woodblock print.

  • Tanya Acton ~ Jewelry

    Through her unique perspective as designer/choreographer she combines air, movement and light to create pieces that are at once delicate and yet solid.

  • Mel Mendez ~ Fiber

    Our rugs are made out of 100% wool. They are woven on a two foot pedal loom. This loom was introduced to the Zapotec weavers by the Spanish during the take over of Mexico.

  • Peter Karner ~ Ceramics

    I’m intrigued by the marriage of form and decoration. In striving to integrate these in each pot, I have the opportunity to create work that is both timeless and modern.