We are so proud to announce the 2016 Crested Butte Arts Festival poster artist ~ Jeffrey Cannon with his beautiful piece titled “Mountain Secrets”.   An artist who has shown at our festival many times, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with him. Be sure to stop by booth 71 at the festival this year and see other amazing pastel drawing by Jeffrey.


Jeffrey’s Bio:

Pastel artist Jeffrey Cannon grew up drawing as a child. At age 7 a school teacher showed a group of his original drawings to Dr. Seuss who praised his talent, politely declining to add the young artist to his staff but strongly advising that he pursue a path in art. Encouraged by this endorsement, he wore out his first box of 64 crayons in record time. At age 8 he looked at a total eclipse of the sun and, thinking he was going to go blind, started memorizing the physical world in a way that was both detailed and personal. This altered the way he saw Nature and helped form the foundation of his particular artistic vision. He grew up fishing, swimming, surfing, boating, camping, hiking and exploring Nature’s wonders. By the age of 13 he had enrolled in an art students league and received private mentoring. By the age of 16 the youthful artist, enthused with watercolor, began winning awards, garnering private commissions and placing his paintings in both private and public collections. By the time he was 24, in order to pursue those specific classes that would expand his solid foundation in art, the artist had attended three colleges, a museum art school and a large university. Travels through Europe and extended museum visits continued the expansion of his world view and a deepened his love of art history. By the age of 30 Jeffrey Cannon had switched to pastel and quickly realized that pastel best allowed him to manifest his personal vision. The artist notes : ” What makes certain places special ? Why do we feel good in Nature ? How does Light define a sense of place ? These questions invite the willing participant to explore how the power of Nature continues to enchant, excite, inspire, calm, heal, inform and transform us all.”  Indeed, it is that special sense of place that contributes to his original pastel paintings being both unique and so very accessible. Now, an award-winning pastel artist based in Austin Texas, with a growing list of collectors worldwide, Jeffrey Cannon’s pastel paintings are the result of his unique approach to the contemporary use of soft pastel that pushes the medium to new levels, technically and creatively. And, hopefully, these original pastel paintings lead to a revelation that, as one’s connection with Nature deepens and grows, so do those feelings so cherished in the heart — the feelings that form our favorite memories, the feelings that guide us towards the center of our lives, a place we all call home.

  1. June 28, 2016

    I would like to buy one of your CB arts festival posters. How do I do that?

    Thanks, Alex

    • July 5, 2016

      Alex you can purchase online via our online square account.

    • July 5, 2016

      Alex you can purchase online via our online square account.

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