2017 Artists

  • Meg Harper ~ Mixed Media

    Nature inspires. It represents the truest essence of beauty. It has the power to influence people’s moods in ways no other subject matter does.

  • Heather Laurie ~ Fiber

    Silk is my canvas. I hand- draw, hand-dye & hand-cut each one of a kind silk piece.

  • Suzy Williamson ~ Jewelry

    Hand fabricated silver often combining other metals.

  • Kate Seeley ~ Drawing and Graphic

  • Carla Pennie McBride ~ Jewelry

    Inspired by the botanical world, I create one-of-a-kind and limited edition wearable jewelry.

  • Michele Scrivner ~ Mixed Media

    Art work is executed on wood panels (recycled doors); pigment powders, plaster, waxes, acrylics, metals and stains are likely to be used.

  • Brian Billow ~ Mixed Media

    Art and P.E. were my favorite subjects in school. I always put more into them than my other subjects because they made me feel alive!

  • Stephanie Aguilar ~ Painting

    I paint with oil on canvas, using large brush strokes and softening techniques, sometimes over multiple layers of

  • Greg Robertson ~ Sculpture

    Hand carved stone fountains and sculpture made of travertine, onyx and limestone set in basins fabricated in studio.

  • Don Mancini ~ Wood

  • Marvin Jack ~ Mixed Media

    We scroll-cut our (single to 13-layers deep) puzzles from a hardwood laminate and create depth in our

  • Sue Hammes-Knopf ~ Jewelry

    Original jewelry created with various bead-weaving techniques, filament fishing line and tiny glass beads. Jewelry pieces are sculptural with repetition of shapes, surface embellishment and multiple color combinations.

  • Chris Wheeler ~ Mixed Media

    My work is a combination of drawing, painting & sculpting all in one.

  • Shea Henke ~ Jewelry

    I weave thousands of tiny glass beads together one at a time with a needle and thread to create textural, three-dimensional jewelry. My pieces are accented with gemstones held in place using only tension and beads.

  • Harold Adams ~ Wood

    I develop sculptural and carved work, with reclaimed wood logs, first shaped on a wood lathe. Then taking in account for all the natural cracks, fissures and the grain they are hand carved.

  • Caitlin Ward ~ Jewelry

    Made by hand with ethically sourced materials, recycled packaging, and a boat load of soul.

  • Glen Powell ~ Drawing and Graphic

    Glen Powell is a self-taught artist capturing the spirit of the contemporary west through fine art pencil drawings.

  • Roger Denham ~ Drawing and Graphic Arts

    Working exclusively from my own photographs I draft a drawing in graphite then transfer it to a sheet of UArt pastel paper and finish it with soft pastel.

  • Will Swanson ~ Ceramics

    I create handmade dinnerware, serving and display pieces.

  • Sandy Murphy ~ Jewelry

    Diamonds, other precious and semi-precious stones in handcrafted, fabricated designs.

  • Charles Hazelaar ~ Sculpture

    Narratives using visual, literary, and memoir sources displayed in slab rolled and textured clay shells along with re-purposed materials and images.

  • Antanas Ulevicius ~ Sculpture

    Hand-built stoneware and porcelain figures.

  • John Strobel ~ Jewelry

    Innovative, sculptural designs range from the sensuous and organic, to the bold and geometric.

  • Todd Perkins ~ Mixed Media

    I use re-purposed guitars or shapes of guitars and include found items to create one of a kind pieces of guitar art.

  • Jack Pine ~ Glass

    All pieces are hand blown at 2000 degrees. I use layers of colored enamels and precious metals. There are no paints used at all during the process.

  • Mary Staby ~ Mixed Media

    “From one end of the globe to the other — Norsk by Southwest — my heritage, home, and travels take my cameras and paintbrushes and pencils to places far apart by distance, but close by association,”

  • Elisabeth Delehaunty ~ Fiber

    We’re crazy about recycling! Since 1996, we’ve been committed to making exceptional garments and goodies from all the post-consumer fabric we can get our eager little mitts on.

  • Arthur Hough ~ Mixed Media

    Fine furniture created from retired wine & whiskey barrels, steel, glass, and composites.

  • Kerrin Pogozelski ~ Fiber

    I combine unique treatments and colors in leather and fabric using a hand-stitching machine typically used to make saddles and shoes. All my tools and techniques are manual and create a unique combination of rustic and refined.

  • Vicki Fish ~ Mixed Media

    Mixed media constructions integrating collage, encaustic, oil paint, drawing, sculpture & great finds with a history.

  • Daphne Covington ~ Painting

    Oil paintings. Purely non-representational works focusing on the balance of composition, and color.

  • Vicki Fish ~ Sculpture

    I celebrate our connection to the animal world by creating sculptures made with clay, resin, paint, carved wood, collage, found objects, recycled tins and boxes, and a sense of humor.

  • Scott Hildebrandt ~ Mixed Media

    I’m a Denver based artist who shrinks life down into clever miniature vignettes using repurposed items like vintage phones, cameras, radios, and other unique salvaged vessels.

  • John Minkler ~ Ceramics

    All of my work is wheel thrown stoneware, but most forms are altered and cut to create a variety of shapes. Using matte glazes and wax resist, I create designs inspired by an interest in geometry, nature, and repeating patterns.

  • Mark Stephenson ~ Mixed Media

    The grinding creates swirling reflective gradients which, when they catch light, generate astonishing visual motion behind the inked image. The result are two dimensional artworks that appear deeply 3-D and alive with motion!

  • Dakota Pratt ~ Sculpture

    Laminated carved wood sculptures covered with flattened bottle caps. Some wood grain is exposed.

  • J.C. Leacock ~ Photography

    I photograph the stunning landscapes and Americana of the west and beyond with an emphasis on moment, light, color and composition.

  • Dakota Pratt ~ Mixed Media

    Laminated carved wood sculptures covered with flattened bottle caps. Some wood grain is exposed. Epoxy resin finish on all surfaces. The use of steel is incorporated also on some pieces.

  • Jason Trebs ~ Ceramics

    I have been making pottery full time since 2004. Prior to that I completed two years of work and study with potter Robert Briscoe in Harris, MN.

  • Kendra Bennett ~ Mixed Media

    Each piece is hand carved from a 12lb black artistic tissue paper simply using an xacto knife. leaving a 2″ black border I then float the piece between glass and frame.

  • Larry Brown ~ Wood

    Using select woods with I meticulously prepare boards for tight joinery, then stack laminate boards using dozens of heavy clamps resulting in a basic lamp stem block. Shades are handmade in studio using multiple layers of mango paper.

  • Gary Moser ~ Wood

    Unique tables with live edge tops some with inlays and handcrafted steel tree bases. Some hot patinas applied as in birch trees.

  • Michael Thiele ~ Wood

    Handcrafted domestic/exotic hardwood musical drums & playable musical furniture emphasizing beauty of tone & aesthetic appeal.

  • Luis Gonzalez ~ Wood

    All my pieces are made out of different tapes of Florida woods, some of them are turned on a lathe, some others are hand carved, paint combining different techniques: stains, acrylic, water and oil based paints.

  • Terry Evans ~ Wood

    Vessels of laminated hardwoods using advanced band saw and abrasive techniques. No paint or stain.

  • Carol & Mark Reynolds ~ Wood

    Together they continue to design, build, and show their high quality Kaleidoscopes and Light Sculptures at shows and galleries all across the country.

  • Tor Erickson ~ Wood

    I design and make one of a kind tables and chairs. I use traditional techniques including slip tenons and wedged fluted dowels.

  • Troy Anderson ~ Wood

    My sons and I salvage wood from around the southwest to make fine kitchen utensils.

  • Cameron Lewis ~ Sculputure

    Two artists create a warped and modern twist on snow globes. Original clay sculpture is combined with re-purposed items (hardware, vintage jewelry, toys) to become tiny mixed-media sculptures inspired broadly by Tesla, Escher and steam-punk themes, shimmering inside liquid-filled glass globes.

  • Charles Taube ~ Sculpture

    I create my 1-of a kind hardwood sculptures using my own self-taught lamination, sanding and finishing techniques.

  • Richard Turner and Eric Carroll ~ Sculpture

    Our passion: To realistically represent some of nature’s most beloved icons with unparalleled creative detail and lasting durability to enjoy no matter where you live.

  • Martin Borja ~ Sculpture

    I visualize and create my sculptures from the ground up by free hand shaping and combining hard materials & welding.

  • Mike Greenfield ~ Sculpture

    I use diamond saws, drills and polishing pads to shape and polish stone that are so hard that other sculptors will not work them. I then make bronze pieces using the lost wax process. These two mediums are combined to make one of a kind sculptures.

  • Dan McCabe ~ Sculpture

    I create organic modern functional and non functional metalworks of silicon bronze, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

  • Fredrick Prescott ~ Sculpture

    Using the visual and emotional impact of brilliant color on moving steel, my work is seen as a blend of folk art, pop art, and technically advanced construction.

  • Gedion Nyanhongo ~ Sculpture

    I create my sculptures using the techniques of, and in the style of, the of Shona Sculpture of Zimbabwe (which is my heritage). The stone I use is imported from Zimbabwe, and is 100% hand carved.

  • Stephanie & Scott Shangraw ~ Sculpture

    Carved sculptures out of wood & stone using a chainsaw and various grinders, to create waves, folds, bends and more. Turquoise and other Stones are inlayed into natural cracks & voids.

  • Todd Langley ~ Photography

  • Chris Gug ~ Photography

    Underwater photography presenting a twist on the traditional landscapes of America and beyond.

  • Marty Hulsebos ~ Photography

    Warm-toned black and white photography. Printed on dye infused metal, or with pigmented inks on fine art paper.

  • Ray Mosteller ~ Photography

    Medium and large format photography with focus on story telling scenes. Many are hand colored or have multiple layer combinations.

  • Peggy Corpenny ~ Photography

    Photography seeking to capture the small details of life.

  • Will Connor ~ Photography

    This collection of photographs explores remote and dark desert locations illuminated only by moon and starlight.

  • Kimbre Woods ~ Photography

    I specialize in antique photographic printing processes that are primarily from the 1800’s. Photography itself has been a passion and career of mine for even longer, since I was a young girl.

  • Patrick Clayton ~ Photography

    Underwater photography of native trout and salmon in their natural environments.

  • Ken Smith ~ Photography

    I look for drama and seek intimate light in my nature and Americana photography.

  • Amy Leigh Carstensen ~ Painting

    Intuitive oil paintings with a coastal influence. Wet-on-wet technique with multiple layers exploring the relationship among color, movement, and form.

  • Roger Disney ~ Painting

    Work is oil applied to stretched canvas entirely with the use of palette knife.

  • Lisa Foster ~ Painting

    Oil paint on board or canvas working from my photographs as reference.

  • Adam Freed ~ Painting

    Oil on canvas, each painting’s initial composition is derived from drawings and painting techniques produced on location.

  • Su Abbott ~ Painting

    Abstract acrylic paintings celebrating the human emotional connection to nature’s beauty. Each piece is created by alternating heavily applied layers of acrylic paints and textured acrylic mediums.

  • Scot Weir ~ Painting

    Oil on gesso board or stretched canvas.

  • Lin Seslar ~ Painting

    My paintings are based on actual subjects, but I gladly make changes to tell a story or create a mood in the same way a poet or a composer finds new and inspiring ways to combine ordinary words or musical notes into creations that transcend their origins.

  • Peggy Corpeny ~ Painting

    Whimsical watercolors capturing the joy of simple moments and the wonders of cats and dogs.

  • Keun Park ~ Painting

    Original oil painting with brush & palette knife techniques on canvas.

  • Scott Coulter ~ Painting

    Direct acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Ummarid Eitharong ~ Painting

    Acrylic on watercolor paper.

  • Joseph Magnano ~ Painting

    Original only cow paintings set in a figurative composition, referenced from photos captured at ranches and farms he visits. These expressive paintings are created on cradled birch panels with professional acrylic paints and mediums.

  • Jessica Wright ~ Painting

    In the style of gestural abstraction, I throw acrylic paint onto the canvas or drizzle with a chopstick to create layered, vivid and modern landscapes. No brushstrokes

  • Anthony Grant ~ Painting

    Representational and Impressionism oil on canvas.

  • Daryl Price ~ Painting

    I paint the human form without reference. I use acrylics in multiple glazes over grayscale. I emphasize color and movement. My themes are from 1930/40’s American history with an emphasis on jazz/blues musicians.

  • Richard Harrington ~ Painting

    I graduated from the State University of New York at Geneseo in 1982, majoring in business and studio art, and spent an equal amount of time chasing trout around local streams with a fly rod.

  • Valerie Romano ~ Mixed Media

    Ink drawing and acrylic painting on hardboard create unique and vibrant mixed media style.

  • Kimberly Merck-Moore ~ Mixed Media

    Custom wood panels and boxes, some with working doors and drawers. Sculpted paper clay trees, panels, borders, birds, eggs and nests. Painted copper leaves, flowers and trim, some with glass accents.

  • Teresa Merriman ~ Mixed Media

    I am fueled by the thought that fascination drives us all; that journals are our bona fide tag-alongs on this excursion of life; and that my role as a bookbinder is relevant in the anthropology of our instinctual story-telling tendencies.

  • Sally Austin ~ Mixed Media

    Sally’s recent body of work consists of multi-dimentional wall hangings with multiple layers of heat set textile paint with hand stitching on cloth.

  • Rocky Rothschiller ~ Mixed Media

    I use a heritage variety of black bearded that is soaked to make it pliable. Stalks are then interwoven into both traditional & contemporary designs. I then incorporate other natural materials such as yucca cactus leaves (painted), feathers, and manzanita wood that I cut, sand, and finish.

  • Margaret Luttrell ~ Mixed Media

    I am an encaustic mixed media artist. I use beeswax,resin and pigment. Then fuse with heat to stabilize. With this, wax becomes a figurative container for memories and stories.

  • Robert Matthews ~ Mixed Media

    Hidden Spring Designs is the artistic collaboration of husband and wife team Rob Matthews and Leslie Guinan.

  • Timothy White ~ Mixed Media

    These mixed media pieces begin with a photographic image of an abandoned building. The mood evoked by the scene is enlarged with a panel created using acrylics on wood or cast concrete to create the colors and textures. The resulting pieces explore the stories of abandoned places.

  • Tres Taylor ~ Mixed Media

    I paint my stories on tarpaper (or roofing felt) and use wood putty, house paint, and acrylics as my medium.

  • Marjolyn van der Hart ~ Mixed Media

    Layers of tissue paper applied over vintage wallpapers, postcards and textured papers. Acrylic paint and photo transfers process creates imagery which is sourced from classic films and magazines.

  • Elaine Ware ~ Mixed Media

    Beautiful handcrafted boxes made by using elements of copper, nickel and low fire ceramic.

  • Erika Bushee ~ Mixed Media

    Fragments of slate split thin with a chisel, then shaped into long skinny pieces with needle nose pliers. These fragments are then embedded in epoxy resin, sanded and buffed.

  • Beverly Hayden ~ Mixed Media

    Using layers of vintage 1950s romance comic strips and blocks of white color, I explore and comment on the beautify, complexity and psychology of modern day relationships.

  • Gaston Carrio~ Mixed Media

    I get immersed into interpreting the unconscious symbolisms, especially those exceeding the limitations of simply aesthetically conditions. Acrylic, graphite, oil pastel, charcoal & resin over panel.

  • Juan Pollock ~ Metal

    Found objects,scrap metal,car parts,and military surplus is welded into whimsical metal sculptures.

  • Kristin DeSantis ~ Metal

    Multi-layered aluminum wall & freestanding sculpture. Each piece is hand-cut, carved & tooled. Color is achieved w/ several layers of transparent oil stains & clear coated to give a glass-like finish.

  • Bradley Anderson ~ Metal

    Fabricating distinctive sculptures through the renewal of every day found objects. My shop overflows with rusty metal, old skis, worn bike parts & beloved golf cubs. Every gem waiting for a new job.

  • Dan McCabe ~ Metal

    I create organic modern functional and non-functional metalworks of silicon bronze, stainless steel and mild steel.

  • Jill Rikkers ~ Metal

    I hand forge copper and stainless steel into very durable serving pieces to last many generations. I also use silver and gemstones to create one of a kind sets of serve ware.

  • Anthony Hansen ~ Metal

    All pieces are constructed using found automotive sheet metals, misc. scrap, old signs and license plates.

  • Terry Groseclose ~ Jewelry

    Gold, silver & gem materials are used with several metal working and lapidary techniques.

  • Eric & Melynda Candee ~ Jewelry

    Peaceful, architectural and minimal are words often used to describe my work.

  • Kristin DeSantis ~ Jewelry

    My aluminum/resin jewelry is an extension of my metal sculpture. Pieces are cut from 1/4″ aircraft grade aluminum sheet or tube stock. Designs are filled with custom pigmented resin and hand finished.

  • Theresa Kwong ~ Jewelry

    Anticlastic raising is a metal forming technique based on a saddle-like curve. I use various hammers to slowly coax thin sheets of metal into strong but delicate-looking organic forms. My inspiration stems from our natural environment, distilling the elements into geometric shapes.

  • Barbara Bayne ~ Jewelry

    The jewelry designs stem from interests in natural organic forms and geometric shapes that are combined to create unique outlines that I than use as a basis for my work.

  • Ryanne Sebern ~ Jewelry

    Unique jewelry designs created in fine mixed metals- Original jewelry designs are inspired by nature.

  • Carol Fugmann ~ Jewelry

    I fabricate my jewelry using sterling, 14K-24K gold semi-precious stones and pearls. I saw, drill, forge and solder sheet metal, wire and incorporate stones, finishing each piece with oxidation and polish.

  • Sarah Britton ~ Jewelry

    Hand fabricated mixed metal jewelry utilizing hot & cold connections to create movement both literal & implied.

  • Esther Sullivan ~ Jewelry

    I use advanced metalsmithing techniques like reticulation, forging methods and oxidation to create form, texture and other design elements in my modern yet feminine pieces.

  • Suzette Nesbitt ~ Jewelry

    “Constant exploration in techniques has resulted in work that is always changing and fresh with the signature ‘light-hearted’ approach that is synonymous with my life.”

  • Pam Caidin ~ Jewelry

    My work is always evolving. What does stay constant are two things. One is my desire for simplified, elemental, almost primordial form; leaves, pebbles, diatoms, planets.

  • Alison Antelman ~ Jewelry

    The Metropolis collection is inspired by the vitality of a cityscape. My jewelry is hand fabricated and forged, like the cities that are its inspiration

  • Michele Throne ~ Jewelry

    Our work is hand fabricated using a jeweler’s saw. We also create pieces that can reversed so 2 meanings/ images can be expressed.

  • Craig Vandeman ~ Jewelry

    I use fine and sterling silver, Shuibichi, semi-precious stones, and 14K gold. I mimic nature as closely as possible, creating branches, bamboo, leaves, flowers, and birds.

  • Amy Buettner ~ Jewelry

    Using high karat golds and sterling silver, we fabricate our one of a kind jewelry pieces. We like the play of flexibility and grace within the rigidity and strength of the metal.

  • Pam Fox ~ Jewelry

    The Pam Fox Jewelry studio is tucked away in the lush subtropical forests of rural Sarasota, Florida. Her designs reflect the textures and shapes of the diverse surrounding plant life.

  • Chris McCarthy ~ Glass

    Blown glass using a variety of hot & cold working techniques such as incalmo and wheel carving. All faceting is done by hand, using a variety of diamond and stone wheels.

  • Cyndy Love ~ Fiber

    High Quality Childrens Clothing with “altitude” handmade by me, high in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

  • Jill Wagoner ~ Fiber

    I first float paints on the surface of a tray of water. Then I pull combs through the water to move the paints into intricate patterns. Finally, I lay a sheet of silk on the water to absorb the floating design. Each piece I Marble is one of a kind due to the nature of the process.

  • Heather Sloan ~ Fiber

    For each piece, we start with white yarn and dye our colors using natural plant materials. The yarn is skeined, mordanted, dyed, balled and warped in preparation for weaving. Then the yarn is threaded onto the loom and woven into different patterns.

  • Joshua Bales ~ Fiber

    Influenced by my background as a printmaker and blacksmith, I handcraft unique leather goods that incorporate my graphic designs and hand-forged hardware.

  • Kathleen Tesnakis ~ Fiber

    `e ko logic is a life philosophy based upon a sustainable way of living and creating. Every item in our clothing and accessory line is handmade in Troy, New York by recycling post-consumer used garments.

  • Hetty & Norman Metzger ~ Fiber

    Our paper assemblages combine up to 4 primary elements: handmade 3-D paper boxes, weavings of hand-cut paper fringe, edge layered crinkled paper, & flat layered paper pieces.

  • Mary Sly ~ Wearable Art

    Presents the silk opera coats designed by Mary Sly, a plant portraitist and cloth designer in the United States.

  • Pamela Whitlock ~ Fiber

    We weave in bamboo fiber to create soft and sophisticated handwoven scarves for men and women. We use the techniques of shadow weave and color and weave effect.

  • Kara Taub ~ Fiber

    Fine, hand woven and knit scarves, shawls & sweaters using all natural fibers: silk, cashmere, bamboo, baby alpaca, cotton, & linen.

  • Dee Sapper ~ Fiber

    Each handbag is individually hand painted and sewn by the artist. All are one of a kind.

  • Cheryl Kabala~ Fiber

    Hand woven soft rayon boucle and Ric Rac scarves and shawls. Interlaced colorful threads inspired by desert Southwest.

  • Kara Young ~ Fiber

    My pieces are made of 85% handcast abaca paper. The surface is then covered with joint compound, then copper or silver leafed. Some pieces are painted with bees wax and pigment, called encaustic.

  • Lee Watrous ~ Fiber

    Fine leathers, exotic skins and fabric are cut, combined, trimmed & then sewn into works of art for the head.

  • Niko Culevski ~ Fiber

    The blankets are handwoven in USA by a sixth generation weaver from Macedonia with 100% super soft merino wool in traditional early American Rosenkransen and twill patterns.

  • Sharon Tesser ~ Fiber

    I create fabric collage using hundreds of cut tiny pieces of recycled fabric to represent line, shadow color and light. The images are from my original sketches.

  • Nha Vuu ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    I use eastern brushwork and western aesthetics to form the scenery. With a passion for architecture I develop arrangements that show density and community.

  • Adam Ambro ~ Drawing and Graphic Arts

    Beginning with a recycled canvas of newspaper, layers of pen, marker and whatever else happens to be within arm’s reach are added. The end result is a highly textured, imperfect interpretation of some of the world’s most iconic adventuremobiles.

  • Julie Keaten-Reed~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    Using Japanese sumi ink & calligraphy brush, I create stylized monochromatic landscapes, using watercolor accents.

  • Barbara Marcus-McKenna ~ Drawing & Graphic Arts

    The world of fine art has always aroused my passion, and continues to focus my attention on excellence.

  • Justin Marable ~ Drawing and Graphic Arts

    I create serigraphs using silkscreens, squeegees, paper/photo stencils, & monoprint techniques of my own invention. My work explores social landscapes, natural history, & imagination. I often merge the past and present to create new moments in time utilizing symbolism, satire, and vivid color.

  • Gaston Carrio ~ Drawing and Graphic Arts

    I am smitten, and at the same time intrigued, by the underlying, yet unspoken and sublime conversation, that a painting can evoke within one’s unconsciousness.

  • Shawn Harris ~ Digital Art

    Dressing up in latex animal masks, I photograph myself (and occasionally others) on a green-screen, creating characters to digitally layer into my landscape/environmental photography.

  • Sandra Corless ~ Digital Art

    Sandhill cranes-These images are part of a photographic project called “In the Company of Cranes.” After taking the photographs I digitally remove the chaos from the scene.

  • Melissa Harvey ~ Ceramics

    Work is hand-thrown, with some pieces being altered to change shape, using a mid-range white clay. It is then drawn on, painted with underglazes, outlined in black and then a clear glaze is applied.

  • Edie Frylings ~ Ceramics

    Through a screen printing process using underglazes I combine two dimensional geometric designs, often using traditional Islamic geometric patterns, with hand built three dimensional geometric shapes to create vibrant, complex, one of a kind designs.

  • Michael Hirsh ~ Ceramics

    My work is done with stoneware clay and porcelain clay. The pieces are thrown then meticulously hand carved, and have hand sculpted features. My layered glazes range from soft satins and mattes to high gloss.

  • Maggie Beyeler ~ Ceramics

    Magpie Pottery operates with 3 Skutt kilns and the same number of dogs. All work is constructed from a beautiful, smooth white-clay body (half porcelain and half stoneware), then electric fired to a mid-range stoneware temperature of cone 6.

  • Kristin Gruenberger~ Ceramics

    Encompassing the notion of play, I manipulate form and surface with my ceramic toys and porcelain tableware.

  • Cheryl Mackey Smith ~ Ceramics

    The focus of my art is on pattern and texture inspired from nature. As the earth is ever changing, my work will morph and change.

  • Aaron Ashcraft ~ Ceramics

    Obvara Fired Pottery. 1600 degree pots are removed from the kiln and dunked into a fermenting brew of flour, yeast sugar and water. The Brew chars on the surface and makes the distinctive markings and patterns.

  • Cheryl Glenn ~ Ceramics

    Most of my pottery is functional and intended to be used. I also enjoy creating one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces.

  • Peter Karner ~ Ceramics

    I’m intrigued by the marriage of form and decoration. In striving to integrate these in each pot, I have the opportunity to create work that is both timeless and modern.

  • Clare Pousson ~ Ceramics

    We use traditional methods such as wheel throwing, hand-building and drape-forming. Any molds or forms we use in these processes, we also make ourselves.

  • Marvin Blackmore ~ Ceramics

    His pottery reflects multiple layers of clay slips in which he etches through to each wanted layer. The smallest of pieces takes a minimum of 130 hours.

  • Colleen Everett~ Ceramics

    Hand built & thrown high fire porcelain pieces with textured engobe, slip surfaces.

  • Karen Klinefelter ~ Jewelry

    I’ve been making art jewelry and sculpture in metal for over 25 years. The discovery of organic vegetable ivory as a medium challenged my design sense with its fluid and unpredictable shape and nature. Pieces are hand carved, forged and fabricated

  • Josh Udesen ~ Painting

    My wash technique focuses on attention to detail, color compliments and unique perspectives of the fish, bikes and landscapes I find so fascinating.