2018 Artists

  • Claudia Abderhalden ~ Jewelry

    Hand-fabricated contemporary sterling jewelry that is cut, formed, forged, folded, soldered, knotted, fused, woven & oxidized with patinas.

  • Daryl Price ~ Painting

    I paint the human form without reference using acrylics. My work is mostly realism, but with some distortion and a hyper bright palette for emphasis.

  • Suzette Nesbitt ~ Jewelry

    Hand drawn designs then acid etched on bronze copper and silver. Cold connected with copper rivets, hammered and fabricated stones and pearls are also added to create my work.

  • Rynn Miller ~ Jewelry

    Clean lines characterize my hand-fabricated sterling silver and gold jewelry. Natural stones are cut or altered, stacked, and hinged. The resulting layers and textures emphasize color, movement, and shape.

  • Glynn Powell ~ Jewelry

    Using the precious metals, we forge, emboss, fuse, texture, and weave the metals into unusual bead formations and multi-dimensional sculptural designs.

  • Mahmood Sabzi ~ Painting

    Acrylic on Canvas and Paper

  • Francesca Bales ~ Jewelry

    Inspired by architecture and engineering, my jewelry is hand fabricated, forged, soldered, fold-formed, hinged and riveted to create tiny kinetic sculptures meant to be worn.

  • Deborah Brawley ~ Fiber

    I design and make ladies and girls reversible clothing with a retro flair. Each piece is one or two of a kind. I blend printed organic and cotton fabrics together to make a piece of wearable art.

  • Susie Larsson ~ Jewelry

    Jewelry is hand-woven using a very fine needle and thread. Beads are glass-plated in various metallics, including Sterling Silver, Palladium, 24KT Gold, Bronze, Hematite and many different colors, finishes and shapes and sizes.

  • Vicki Fish ~ Sculpture

    I celebrate our connection to the animal world by creating sculptures made with clay, resin, paint, carved wood, collage, found objects, recycled tins and boxes, and a sense of humor.

  • Harry Roa ~ Jewelry

    Specializing in the lost wax process and fabricating with precious metals I produce my work using novel high quality gemstones. Sense of ergonomics and modern conceptual design ethic.

  • Scott Hildebrandt ~ Mixed Media

    I’m a Denver based artist who shrinks life down into clever miniature vignettes using repurposed items like vintage phones, cameras, radios, and other unique salvaged vessels.

  • Eric Candee ~ Jewelry

    We harvest timeworn metals from vintage automobiles, old farm equipment and salvage yards. We combine these elements with fabricated stainless steel and resin enamel, to create fun and fabulous, wearable art jewelry.

  • David Conroy- Jewelry

    I weld, hammer, bend, and manipulate stainless steel hardware into an array of textures and designs to create wearable art.

  • Teri Smith ~ Jewelry

  • Don Mancini ~ Wood

    The collection is made from locally harvested engelmann spruce and aspen. I accent each piece using chiseled relief carving, wood burning, and antler art.

  • Tim White | Mixed Media

    Paint, pastels, charcoal and other materials are combined with original photography in one of a kind mixed media panels that explore the stories of abandoned places from the point of view of a passer by.

  • Robert Wilhelm ~ Wood

    My work is either turned, shaped, carved or constructed wooden pieces. Texture and visual interest is added by either painting, burning, or dyeing.

  • John Deveer ~ Wood

    Exotic & domestic woods are laminated to create unique objects of functional artwork. All artwork is made to withstand the different climates found throughout the world.

  • Arthur Hough ~ Wood

    Fine furniture created from retired wine & whiskey barrels, steel, glass, and composites. Techniques include wood carving and shaping, hidden joinery, metal tube rolling, welding, & steel patination.

  • Kevin DesPlanques ~ Wood

    I laminate my wooden forms and the sculpt the shapes using hand held abrasive tools. Since I sculpt every element of my furniture I am able to obtain exact ergonomics on every creation.

  • Ron & Christine Sisco ~ Wood

    We have been working with wood for over 30 years. My husband and I were first to develop the process of inlaying turquoise in wood 30 plus years ago.

  • Kyle Hageman ~ Wood

    We use mostly domestic hardwoods accented with exotic species to give our products a “surfboard stripe” aesthetic.

  • Kris Kratz | Wood

    As a wood toy artist, I hand carve wooden toys with quality reminiscent of yesteryear.

  • Harold Adams ~ Wood

    I develop sculptural and carved work, with reclaimed wood logs, first shaped on a wood lathe. Meticulously hand sanded and finished.

  • Michael Thiele ~ Wood

    Handcrafted domestic/exotic hardwood musical drums & playable musical furniture emphasizing beauty of tone & aesthetic appeal.

  • Robert and Tor Erickson ~ Wood

    We design and make custom chairs and one of a kind tables from local woods that we harvest and dry in our solar wood kiln.

  • Mark & Carol Reynolds | Wood

    Hand-made sculptural kaleidoscope that included various hand painted and wood styles.

  • Terry Evans ~ Wood

    Works in laminated woods using original techniques developed by the artist. Most processes involve band saw and abrasive technology.

  • Liz McCombs ~ Sculpture

    I use hand-building clay techniques, faux finish painting, metalwork, collage, found objects and recycled elements.

  • Carlos Page ~ Sculpture

    I create abstract contemporary sculpture in steel, concrete and wood. In creating my sculpture I focus on energy, balance and transformation.

  • Will Grant | Sculpture

    Acrylic,glass,metal and wood are used to create one of a kind pieces using various unique techniques.

  • Laurel Peterson Gregory ~ Sculpture

    All pieces are limited-edition , lost-wax bronzes sculpted originally in clay. Nitrates and oxides create complex patinas which complement clean lines and strong motion.

  • Andrew Carson | Sculpture

    Kinetic sculpture from cast glass, hammered copper, fabricated bronze & steel. Many connections are cold, w/ exotic fasteners.

  • Malen Pierson ~ Sculpture

    I use found objects and old farm machinery to create. Each one of a kind sculpture.

  • Kevin DesPlanques ~ Sculpture

    I stack laminate my wooden forms and then sculpt the shapes using hand held abrasive tools. I create my cast bronze furniture using the lost wax casting method.

  • Sean Guerrero ~ Sculpture

    Sean Guerrero’s notable works include the “Dragon & Knight” and “Pepsi Horse” in the Crested Butte public art collection.

  • Cameron Lewis ~ Sculpture

    Two artists combine found and re-purposed material and original clay sculpture into tiny mixed-media scenes shimmering inside liquid-filled glass globes

  • Greg Robertson ~ Sculpture

    Hand sculpted stone fountains made of Travertine, Onyx & Petrified Wood. All pieces unique.

  • Charles Taube ~ Sculpture

    I create my 3D hardwood sculptures using my own self-taught lamination, sanding and finishing techniques.

  • Stephanie & Scott Shangraw | Sculpture

    Vessels & sculptures carved from logs & burls, using a chainsaw & grinders to create; tunnels, waves, folds & other unique designs.

  • Jerry Locke ~ Sculpture

    A variety of natural stone is carved, shaped, finished, and assembled to create mountainscape.

  • Paco Gonzalez ~ Sculpture

    60 million year old specimens prospered by hand from Sea of Cortez turned into beautiful onyx sculpture, tables and lamps.

  • Todd Perkins ~ Sculpture

    Everyday objects and found items, altered or detached from their natural function to create three dimensional, sculptural guitar art.

  • J.C. Leacock | Photography

    Photographic images printed on metal, canvas and paper.

  • Casey Chinn ~ Photography

    In my photography I strive to capture the beauty and drama of nature. In this series I focus on weather and storms interacting with the mountains.

  • Paige Whitcomb ~ Photographer

    Using a 19th century large format studio camera I photograph genuine found objects from the 1800s or earlier to create vignettes of daily life from a past generation.

  • Shelly Corbett ~ Photography

    Photography combined with painting by adding encaustic medium, pastels and oils. The surface is then carved and sculpted to add interest and depth.

  • Steve Keating ~ Photography

    Aerial images captured using a camera suspended from a kite line and NOT seeing through or controlling the camera.

  • Todd Langley ~ Photography

    My work is defined by the sole use of an inexpensive plastic toy camera that shoots medium format film.

  • Kimbre Woods ~ Photography

    Digital negatives and historical photographic printing processes such as tricolor gum bichromate, cyanotype, van dyke brown, platinum/palladium, kallitypes, and lumen prints.

  • Dana Echols ~ Photography

    Original photograph printed by me, mounted on cradled wood panels that I construct myself.

  • Scott Reynolds ~ Photography

    Photography using traditional methodology; capture is achieved using a variety of lenses and filters with a tripod and digital camera.

  • Jane Johnson ~ Painting

    Fluid acrylic on canvas and Yupo paper, a synthetic substrate, using brushes brayers and water to move the paint.

  • Daphne Covington ~ Painting

    Oil paintings. Purely non-representational works focusing on the balance of composition, and color.

  • Kathy Friesz ~ Painting

    The groundwork of my pieces begin with spirited mark making. Then I engage with playful experimentation.

  • Rodgers Naylor ~ Painting

    Original oil paintings on stretched canvas or canvas mounted on panels. No reproductions, original work only.

  • Adam Freed ~ Painting

    Oil on canvas, each painting’s initial composition is derived from drawings and painting techniques produced on location.

  • Loren Ricaurte | Painting

    My paintings are acrylic and ink on canvas or wood.

  • Richard Harrington ~ Painting

    I paint in oil on canvas or panels, based on brief sketches done in the field, aiming for a balance between representation and abstraction.

  • Krysteen Waszak ~ Painting

    Krysteen Waszak is a dedicated plein air painter. Her oils are full of vibrant lively color, energy and a touch of whimsy.

  • Faye Crowe ~ Painting

    Painting with mixed media on various materials with oil, acrylic, wax, with layers if expressed drawing to emphasize color and texture.

  • Ummarid Eitharong ~ Painting

    Acrylic painting on watercolor paper.

  • Jenny Christiansen ~ Painting

    Oil pastel sketch and acrylic painting on handcrafted birch panel with 2″ maple sides. Rich layers of texture from painting and sanding to build it up.

  • Jon Smith ~ Painting

    Oil on canvas. I use color and light to define the interplay of forms where I only hint at details.

  • Joseph Magnano | Painting

    Utilizing trained technique yet stylistically rendered from artist natural process best described as abstract/representational.

  • Brian Keller | Painting

    Hand made egg tempera paint applied to gesso primed panel.

  • Katie Hoffman | Painting

    I use layers of oil paint, impasto media, powdered pigment & beeswax to create art works that meld abstraction with figurative and animal imagery.

  • JanyRae Seda ~ Painting

    I loosely hold my brush, reveling in drips and liquid nature of paint mixed in with heavy mediums.

  • Ashley Joon ~ Painting

    My work is process oriented, I dance as I paint using the music to guide my brush. I ensure the acrylic paint is thin enough to provide fluid movement.

  • Julie Keaten-Reed | Painting

    Using Japanese sumi ink, Asian calligraphy brushes and acrylics, I create large format stylized landscapes on gessoed board. Finished works are sealed with archival lacquer.

  • Aaron Hequembourg ~ Mixed Media

    Assemblages from sharecropper houses on our circa 1815 farm. Salvaged wood and book pages are engraved,painted and waxed.

  • Tom Boatright ~ Mixed Media

    Tom paints en plein air at the lower pond of his retreat using water, raw oils, resins, pigments and powders to create artisan oil paints.

  • Pietra Wall ~ Mixed Media

    Each piece contains a story. The story begins with the fossils, crystals, gemstones, and minerals formed eons ago.

  • Melissa Mastrangelo-Lertora | Mixed Media

    My husband and I use wood, acrylic paint, paper, hand cut mylar stencils and an assemblage of hand painted wooden tiles to create our art.

  • Marvin Jack ~ Mixed Media

    Our work is a collaborative effort. We scroll-cut our puzzles from a maple-faced laminate and create depth in our Multi-layer pieces through a hand-building process.

  • Mami Yamamoto ~ Mixed Media

    Monotype/monoprints on BFK archival papers, with oil-base intaglio ink, using traditional and non traditional tools.

  • Julie Simpson | Mixed Media

    The surfaces of my mixed media paintings are adorned with multiple layers of acrylic paint, paper collage, lithography markers & occasionally hand stitched nylon thread.

  • Sean Carleton ~ Mixed Media

    Steel tubing, North American hardwoods, and occasional glass accents are combined to create sculptural objects.

  • Elaine Ware ~ Mixed Media

    A collection of handmade containers utilizing copper, ceramic, enameling, resin, and found objects. These containers have been formed using hot and cold connections.

  • Teresa Merriman ~ Mixed Media

    I use techniques in bookbinding, leather-working, wood-working, and metal-etching to accomplish the timeless sensation we feel in the tactile qualities of books.

  • Myra Burg ~ Mixed Media

    We’re like no other. Hand wrapped fiber over hollow core in layers & textures are installed collaboratively with mixed media paintings.

  • Michael Colpitts ~ Mixed Media

    I use a combination of acrylics, oils, handmade papers, antique fabrics, sand, grog and assorted gels with brushes and palette knives. Some paintings have marble dusted panels bonded to canvas.

  • Erika Bushee ~ Mixed Media

    Slate stone split thin from a slab and these pieces are shaped by hand using pliers. These fragments are then embedded into epoxy resin, sanded then buffed smooth.

  • Brice McCasland ~ Mixed Media

    Heavy layers of collaged found paper, photographs, drawings, letters, diary pages, and quilting scraps create a narrative ground for rich layers of oil paint.

  • Anne Cubbage ~ Mixed Media

    I hand cut images into a book, using an x-acto knife, working page-by-page from the top down.

  • Mick Whitcomb ~ Mixed Media

    By means of soldering, welding, and dry joinery, I create utilitarian works of art, converting 19th century machines into light fixtures using technologies that existed in the late 1800’s.

  • Pamela Neely ~ Mixed Media

    Back painted glass and top painted glass. Two paintings separated by the thickness of the glass.

  • Brad Ruppert ~ Mixed Media

    Sculptural felt assemblages. Thousands of pieces cut from rescued hat-maker’s felt trimmings; Face Details; multiple layers of meticulously painted metal. Backgrounds; graphite drawings on layered vintage papers.

  • Adam Weiss ~ Metal

    Copper manipulated with different chemical reactions, heats to pull out colors naturally and grind strokes to bring back lustrous copper colors in painting form and 3-d outdoor sculpture as well.

  • Jonah Green ~ Metal

    Fold formed steel, mig welded, vitreous kiln fired glass on copper and steel, hand forged metal

  • Juan Pollock ~ Metal

    Found objects, car parts, and scrap metal is welded into whimsical outdoor sculpture.

  • Nicole Hansen ~ Metal

    Using heat and thousands of hammer blows we make candlesticks from reclaimed industrial or agricultural steel, and sterling silver.

  • Jenny Martos ~ Metal

    Color, movement, and texture are created with patinas on copper and brass. Artist developed techniques are applied to create surfaces, colors, and layers within the work.

  • Jill Rikkers ~ Metal

    I hand forge copper and stainless steel to create a variety of serving pieces. They range from small appetizer pieces to large spoons, pie servers, ladles and utensils.

  • Cheryl Acosta ~ Jewelry

    Hand torched and hammered texture metal in copper, silver and gold. Fused glass enamel with kiln and/or torch on copper and fine silver.

  • Jackson Avila ~ Jewelry

    Nature Studio creates organic, contemporary jewelry for women of all ages. Each piece begins as a block of wood & is transformed by hand into the basic shape.

  • Carla McBride ~ Jewelry

    Inspired by the botanical world, I create one-of-a-kind & limited edition wearable jewelry. I freeze pieces of fine silver & gold in resin & often combine dyed paper, traces of nature and other minuscule fragments.

  • Victoria Varga | Jewelry

    My new work is framed by juma, a synthetic ivory. I dye, saw and inlay this material with resin, shell, enamel work and pigments to achieve my desired results.

  • Sabine Chadborn ~ Jewelry

    I hand fabricate my creations using metal smith techniques such as cutting,forming,texturing,soldering, oxidizing and keum Boo an ancient form of permanently bonding gold onto fine silver!

  • Nicole Hansen ~ Jewelry

    We combine the arts of blacksmithing and silversmithing. Our jewelry is hot forged stainless steel with Argentium silver, gold, and stones.

  • Michele Throne ~ Jewelry

    Created using piercing (sawing), soldering, texturing, patination and stone setting techniques in sterling silver and other mixed metals including keumboo gold, 18k gold, and bronze.

  • Sarah Pitts-Solomon ~ Jewelry

    I create one of a kind crystal jewelry through a delicate process called electroforming.

  • Caitlin Ward ~ Jewelry

    Locally Soured Goods, Handcrafted in Crested Butte Colorado out of materials sourced entirely in the United States.

  • Pam Caidin ~ Jewelry

    Drawings of patterns found in nature are etched or hand pierced in copper, sterling, nickel or bronze, leaving a lacy replica of the original drawing.

  • Kirsten Denbow ~ Jewelry

    Vitreous enamel and gemstones set in sterling silver with 14k and 18k gold accents.

  • Meghan Riley ~ Jewelry

    I create light, structural jewelry that is fabricated from flexible stainless steel cable mixed with fine metals and gemstones.

  • Debra Adelson | Jewelry

    My work consists of 3 elements: cold-worked/engraved glass, hand formed sterling silver, & gemstones. The glass starts out in blocks, and is manipulated by cutting, grinding, sanding, & engraving.

  • Kristin DeSantis ~ Jewelry

    My aluminum/resin jewelry is an extension of my metal sculpture. Pieces are cut from either 1/4″ thick aircraft grade aluminum sheet or tube stock of 6061 aluminum.

  • Suzette Nesbit ~ Jewelry

    Hand drawn designs then acid etched on bronze copper and silver. Cold connected with copper rivets, hammered and fabricated stones and pearls are also added to create my work.

  • Megan Clark | Jewelry

    Using basic fabrication techniques I hand cut, file, sand and solder all of jewelry from 18K gold and sterling silver stock. My current body of work is inspired by the eclipse and lunar patterns.

  • Julie Jerman-Melka | Jewelry

    Hand hammered and forged sterling silver with cold connected basalt beach stones, tube set gemstones and freshwater pearls.

  • Laurette O’Neil ~ Jewelry

    After 30 years of experience being a sliver smith and studying design, I make and design all of the components which include tubing, clasps, cones, backings etc. I also make most of the tools necessary to create my pieces

  • Alison Antelman ~ Jewelry

    My jewelry is made with hollow formed & hand-raised shapes that are first fold-formed to create creases in the pods. It is hand fabricated with oxidized sterling, 18+22k gold, stainless steel cable and natural stones. My work is NOT cast.

  • Jim Miller | Glass

    Hand blown multi color glass fish. Bronze is incorporated with the glass for stylize Freaky Cool Sharks, other glass fish are blown realistically.

  • Ken Hanson ~ Glass

    The artists use molten glass, heat and centrifugal force to create their blown glass pieces. All work is free blown, created in the off hand style, without the use of molds.

  • Douglas and Renée Sigwarth | Glass

    Blown glass-Watercolor Series-transparent colored glass overlays & clear glass layers achieve an elusive interplay of color-3 dimensional color auras-We create non-functional vessels, wall hanging clusters & 8’towers-Each is one of a kind.

  • Kathi Dougherty ~ Glass

    Fusible Glass is cut, smashed, sifted and designed with to create beautiful landscapes, tree-scapes and abstract art. The kiln fired glass can be added to, sandblasted, cold worked and re-fired many times.

  • Paul Counts ~ Glass

    Handblown glass with multi-layers of colors, cane and murrini used for designs

  • Kit Karbler ~ Glass

    I layer, thread, cut and polish hand-blown glass into forms distinguished by thin, concentric lines of colored glass. After cooling and annealing, its sides are cut away eliminating any possibility of utility and transforming the object into a purely sculptural form.

  • Deborah Brawle

    I design and make ladies and girls reversible clothing with a retro flair. Each piece is one or two of a kind. I blend printed organic and cotton fabrics together to make a piece of wearable art.

  • Cyndy Love ~ Fiber

    I design, hand cut and sew my own line of high quality, unique and creative children’s clothing. I also make all of my own patterns so each piece of clothing is of my own design.

  • Joshua Bales ~ Fiber

    Influenced by my background as a print maker and blacksmith, I handcraft unique leather goods that incorporate my graphic designs and hand-forged hardware.

  • Julie Vance ~ Fiber

    I design, hand cut and sew bags using tapestry and chenille fabrics, interfacing and boning for structure, and sometimes buttons and beads for details.

  • Barbara Holloway ~ Fiber

    I hand weave all of my fabrics on 8-harness foot-powered floor looms with micro and plant fiber yarns. I warp the looms, weave the fabrics, then wash, dry and steam press them. Then I individually cut, serge, sew and hand- embellish each garment.

  • Diane Harty ~ Fiber

    I stitch each hat myself starting with simply a strand of braid. I create the various shapes/curves using tension with my hands as I stitch.

  • Heather Laurie ~ Fiber

    Silk is my canvas. I hand-draw, hand-dye, hand-cut and build each one of a kind piece. Utilizing numerous techniques including one similar to water-coloring with dyes.

  • Kerrin Pogozelski | Fiber

    My passion starts with unexpected leather in colors and textures. I construct using a saddle-stitcher and vintage hand-tools. I create bags and accessories with a strong artistic voice.

  • Elaine Unzicker ~ Fiber

    Stainless and anodized aluminum chain mail interlocked by hand. The chain mail surface is enhanced with castings of nature in bronze or gold-plated brass; and natural stones. Forged, pierced, formed brass rod.

  • Ronia Grillos | Fiber

    American leather and fabrics are hand cut and sewn creating unique wearable waterproof art for your head.using old world hat making technique the hats are one of a kind.

  • Amy Carstensen ~ Drawing and Graphic and Painting

    Intuitive, hand-pulled monotypes. Multiple plates of water-based ink layered to create unique image.

  • Heinrich Toh ~ Graphic and Drawing

    I utilize a combination of several printmaking processes such as monoprints, collographs, etchings, paper lithography & image transfers. They are printed through an etching press to built rich layers of color and imagery on paper.

  • Dennis Rhoades ~ Drawing and Graphic

    Western Landscapes painted with soft pastels over acrylic under painting on sanded Uart paper in vibrant color combinations and framed under museum glass in gold leafed frames.

  • Adam Ambro | Drawing and Graphic

    Beginning with a recycled canvas of newspaper, layers of pen, marker and whatever else happens to be within arm’s reach are added. The end result is a highly textured, imperfect interpretation of some of the world’s most iconic adventuremobiles.

  • Stephen Harmston ~ Drawing and Graphic

    All original hand-cut and hand-printed silkscreen prints on archival paper using between 12 and 32 individual stencils. Printed in very limited editions of 25 to 50 prints.

  • Jennifer Cavan ~ Drawing and Graphic

    I apply colored gesso to the substrate.Then, oil pastels and oil sticks are applied like one would use a crayon. Clay shaping tools, cloth and exacto knives are used to manipulate the color. Fixed and varnished.

  • Shawn Harris ~ Digital Art

    I’m shooting digitally, photographing all my imagery. I dress up wearing latex animal masks and wardrobe. Some are shot in the landscape, others composited with backgrounds with the use of a green screen.

  • Kevin Weinreich ~ Digital Art

    Created by using pen & ink for the black line work, then it is brought in to Photoshop, where color & texture is used to create a graphically designed painting ready for custom printing & framing

  • Jack Charney ~ Ceramics

    Handformed earthenware figurative artworks created using a series of slumped and humped forms that are manipulated and assembled into one of a kind sculptured that are multifired for the desired glaze effect and density

  • Rita Vali

    Joyous functional stoneware is wheel-thrown,altered and often incorporates hand-built elements.

  • Michael Hirsh ~ Ceramics

    I create my work using stoneware and porcelain clay. The process starts with wheel thrown shapes to which I hand carve, and add hand sculpted features.

  • Paul Uhl | Ceramics

    Wheel thrown and or slab made Tea vessels, vase’s and wall art using multiple layers of under glazes and glazes.

  • Kendra Jennings | Ceramics

    Inspired by mid-century modern design and the Midwestern landscape, the work is functional and modern, with retro overtones.

  • Kristin Gruenberger ~ Ceramics

    I approach a basic wheel thrown form with playful techniques of altering, texturing, carving, and glazing to create one of a kind tableware pieces.

  • Peter Karner | Ceramics

    Porcelain or Stoneware: thrown and altered or hand built, glazes applied in layers, high-fired, functional

  • Colleen Everett | Ceramics

    Porcelain, hand thrown/hand-built with multiple layers if textural engobes, vitreous slips and glaze finish

  • Melissa Weiss ~ Ceramics

    I make wheel thrown and hand built functional pottery from clay I dig and make myself and all of my pots are food safe and high fired in a gas reduction kiln.

  • Clare Pousson ~ Ceramics

    Wheel-thrown and hand-built porcelain with hand-painted designs using uniquely vivid high fired under glazes and stains

  • Deidra Krois ~ Ceramics

    I make functional and decorative hand thrown and hand built stoneware ceramics that display inspirational and mindful words, quotes, poetry, original decal illustrations, hand drawn designs and textures.

  • Gail Heilmann ~ Ceramics

    Wheel-thrown and hand-built porcelain vessels that have a combination of glazes and textures to enhance the botanic impressions on plates, bowls, and serving pieces that make every meal a celebration.

  • Bruce Fairman

    Hand thrown Porcelain. The forms are classic and the glazes exotic.

  • Deborah Hager | Ceramics

    My work is a juxtaposition of geometric and organic images to convey ideas about life containing order and disorder simultaneously.

  • Peggy Crago | Ceramics

    Red earthenware wheel-thrown, hand-built & altered, finished with majolica process (ceramic stains & oxides on a raw white glaze).

  • Ivy McNulty ~ Jewelry

    Hand engraved jewelry crafted of silver, copper & bronze create unique and distinctive original designs. Adornments of turquoise, elk ivory & horsehair complete these one of a kind necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, creating pieces of wearable art.

  • Bradley Anderson ~ Metal

    Fabricating distinctive sculptures through the renewal of every day found objects. My shop overflows with rusty metal, old skis, worn bike parts & beloved golf cubs. Every gem waiting for a new job.