Artist Demonstrations provide a unique way to interact with some of our exhibiting artists in an informal setting. These interactive and engaging demos will again be incorporated into the Festival’s schedule in 2016 and will take place in each artists booth. Tentative schedule:

Saturday, August 6

10:30 |  Kevin Desplanques|  Sculpture  | Booth #147

Kevin uses a stack lamination method to create his wooden forms and then sculpts the final shapes using hand-held abrasive tools.


12:00  | Cheri Vilona|  Painting | Booth #2

Cheri will demonstrate an oil painting start, sketching on canvas cresting composition elements combined with color choices.


1:30 | Cheryl Kabala | Weaving/Fiber  | Booth #179

Cheryl will demonstrate a variety of weaving techniques on her loom that create her beautiful woven fabrics.


3:00 | Jany Rae Seda| Painting | Booth #154

Painting in oil Jany is inspired by the environment. Her demonstration will present painterly brush strokes that capture a luscious bunch of squares, rectangles, shadows and angles inspired by Western big cities and small communities.


Special thanks to the artists who volunteer their time and materials for these demos – we love their dedication to their craft and their willingness to share. Thank you!