Our process has many steps involved, but the most frequent question asked is how we get the imagery in our pieces. Many people ask if it’s done with a laser! Michele will be demonstrating how she saws out the intricate imagery using a hand held jeweler’s saw.

Painting with mixed media on various materials with oil, acrylic, wax, with layers if expressed drawing to emphasize color and texture.

Digital negatives and historical photographic printing processes such as tricolor gum bichromate, cyanotype, van dyke brown, platinum/palladium, kallitypes, and lumen prints. Printed on archival art papers, often finished works are hand tinted with either watercolor and vintage oil paints.

I make wheel thrown and hand built functional pottery from clay i dig and make myself. Each pot is made by me and one of a kind. All my pots are food safe and high fired in a gas reduction kiln.

Come learn about my art and handblown glass! You will experience the mysteries of the molten material and see firsthand how my work is made! Super cooled liquid forever suspended in time!

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