Blue Recluse plays a wide range of blues, rhythm and blues, and country blues from the ‘40s to the present day. Powerful, sultry vocals in combination with a hard-groovin’ rhythm section and classic electric blues guitar and keys makes this band a blues lover’s dream. Put on your dancing shoes, because Blue Recluse will rock…

Art Stevenson & High Water bluegrass sound comes from the close duet singing of husband and wife team Art and Stephanie Stevenson, along with the spirited banjo and Dobro playing of Dale Reichert, and the hard-driving mandolin picking of Bruce King. High Water’s music is heard on bluegrass radio programs around the USA and has…

RAGGED MOUNTAIN BLUEGRASS features Dwayne Dodson on Guitar, Lizzy Plotkin on Fiddle, Chris Hudson on Bass, and Bruce Hayes with the Mandolin and Dobro… everyone sings those ragged but right harmonies!

Painting with mixed media on various materials with oil, acrylic, wax, with layers if expressed drawing to emphasize color and texture.

Time to roll up your sleeves, paint with abandon and release your inner artist inside Art Alley! Thanks to the creative energy of Art Alley Chairwoman Lynda Mikos, children and their caregivers can make inspired and imaginative keepsakes for FREE!

Sculptural Felt assemblages created from hat-maker’s felt remnants rescued from Northern Colorado’s Greeley Hat Works. Brad hand-cuts, bends and nails each piece of felt to a carved wood base creating great relief and texture. When combined with Sundie’s intricately painted layers of metal, which truly bare the soul of each portrait, it is hard for…

Digital negatives and historical photographic printing processes such as tricolor gum bichromate, cyanotype, van dyke brown, platinum/palladium, kallitypes, and lumen prints. Printed on archival art papers, often finished works are hand tinted with either watercolor and vintage oil paints.

Roma Ransom is an acoustic duet performing in a unique style. Their playing echos a vintage world style, eclectic and original. They have been performing together for the past 4 years, from venues such as art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and bars, to nursing homes, weddings, and 4 diamond hotels.

I make wheel thrown and hand built functional pottery from clay i dig and make myself. Each pot is made by me and one of a kind. All my pots are food safe and high fired in a gas reduction kiln.

Come learn about my art and handblown glass! You will experience the mysteries of the molten material and see firsthand how my work is made! Super cooled liquid forever suspended in time!

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